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San Diego based video production company, Webstorytellers has seen companies from coast to coast who have tremendous Network Operations Centers. This is an overview NOC piece we did for our client in Phoenix, Arizona, Insight Communications. If you are looking for corporate video production services like company overview stories, video case studies, or video testimonials, in Phoenix, Arizona, we have a team right there. Give us a call!

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Industry analysts recommend to CIO’s two major operational strategies today. One, they recommend that they look at their telecom expense management for ways to better drive efficiencies, best practices, and better rates. The second major strategy is for a managed service provider to come in and manage their WAN to LAN, to leverage the provider’s expertise and operational efficiencies, cost management, and best in class practices. Insight, as a global technology provider, is committed to providing managed service solutions across multiple disciplines. We see it on the networking side, we see it on the voice and mobility side, and we’re seeing it in the data center side. Simply put, it means more for less. We should be able to do it better, faster, cheaper, and we should be able to do it as a best in class, best practices approach, as well as drive efficiencies and economies of scale over time. Our clients range from smaller organizations to Fortune 500 companies. We gel really well with a client that has a small team and is really looking to bring in a high level engineer, a very technical engineer and go very deep into a particular project. And on the opposite end of the coin, we gel with clients who have very established methodology and they’re just looking for a technical sounding board and maybe kind of fill in some gaps that they may not have.” One of the things we pride ourselves most on is customer service. It is something that everyone from myself down, takes to heart. Passion around customer service, passion about going above and beyond, passion around keeping the customer’s network up and running, exceeding their service level agreements. Passion for me and for the rest of my team means delivering excellent customer service to our customers. Whether that’s listening from beginning to end on a problem that they’re having or fixing it, or helping them design and implement a new solution, it’s going all the way for the customer 125 percent. When you call our network operations center, typically you’ve got an emergency going on. The last thing you want is to be put on hold.” Our average speed to answer in the NOC is 4 seconds. Within 4 seconds you’re talking to a real live body. And that person’s not just a ticket taker, they’re actually able to work on that problem that you have. Most of our engineers are working across hundreds of networks, so they’ve seen technology used in a lot of different ways. Our network operations center is 100 percent U-S based. Outside of being a service provider we really want to be seen as an extension to your team. Our engineers are assigned to different clients and they’re very intimate with your network. In line with that philosophy, we provide our customers with the engineer’s emails, desk phone, and cell phones, and our engineers are available to our customers 24x7x365. The NOC doesn’t get sick, the NOC doesn’t go home, the NOC is always there. Our customer retention rate is 98 percent. I feel a large part of that is the customer service we provide to the customers and the engineers expertise that is available to them 24x7. I think our clients really benefit from our continual investment in training and certifications for advanced technologies. For instance, Cisco’s Unified Communications, to Nexus, to even Telepresence from the video side, and they can be rest assured that Insight can help them find the right technologies for their environments, design and deploy them, as well as manage those technologies moving forward. Cisco is widely recognized as an industry leader in the networking industry. We’ve earned their badge of achievement across unified communications, being master certified, we’re also master certified in security, as well as master certified in managed services. Part of our rigor around process and control is evident with our SAT 70 Type 2 certification. A large benefit around the SAT 70 Type 2 is the customer can be reassured that their information is going to remain confidential. Gartner has positioned Insight as a challenger in the communications outsourcing professional services magic quadrant for North America… We’ve been in the network operations business since 1990’s. We’ve made a multi-million dollar investment in our tools and over the years we’ve refined our processes. We’ve learned a lot of lessons, we’ve got a lot of best practices, and our customers directly benefit from those years of experience. The service offerings provided from the Insight Network Operations Center are Insight managed data, voice, video, contact center, security, and server.

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