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Our principle focus as a company is to be "all about the customer." That's a quote from our South Carolina client Nuvox, now known as Windstream, who asked Webstorytellers to produce this company overview story for them. It takes about :15 for our client to make their point. That's more powerful than a bunch of text any day! If you need video production services in South Carolina, we have a team right there! Give us a call!

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Nuvox is a company that has a very clear focus… It’s really pretty straight forward. Our principle focus as a company is to be all about the customer.” The customer base of this Greenville, South Carolina communication solutions provider is 90,000 strong and primarily located in the southeast and mid west. Jim Akerhielm is the chief executive officer at Nuvox. We as a company have maintained that great focus on a specific customer segment, it happens to be a segment that I’m very passionate about. That small to medium enterprise segment. To the extent that we can deliver to a hospitality chain, to a professional accounting firm, to a retailer, a technically advanced, efficient, worry free communication solution, we have solved a very real business need for that customer. Nuvox is able to solve IT business needs for its customers because of its state of the art technology and expertise. Look inside the company’s impressive network operations center. There are surveillance teams hard at work around the clock who’s only job is to monitor all of the company’s network elements. That includes everything from circuits and routers to any breaking news or weather events that might affect the network. It is the “ultimate” security backup system. We pride ourselves on having a very reliable network. The people in this room will spend 24 hours a day watching for any sort of outages or any kinds of problems that might arise and then try to take care of them before customers realize that it ever occurred. Nuvox also has this massive call center that allows it clients to get one on one attention. Trouble resolution is always only a quick phone call away. Nuvox provides a wide variety of communication solutions, that are aimed at allowing its customers focus on their business---not the IT portion of it, because as the company CEO puts it… Our customers generally want to spend less than 5 minutes a month thinking about their communications solutions. Those solutions range from security services and voice-over i-p, to mpls networking services, and much more. Nuvox is constantly upgrading its products and services that are built on a very solid network foundation. We have a solid foundation built on IP and MPLS that has allowed us to build a suite of managed services that are delivered from our network and wrapped up as a package that is valuable to our customer base and it really sets us apart from our competition. When a customer sees that we’re building our solutions and products on top of Cisco technology… It brings a great deal of credibility and they know that they’re getting the most robust reliable solution possible. One trip inside the server room and you can see just how complex but coordinated this operation is. It’s the type of set up that can only come with years of experience— a commitment to the customer---and a proven company financial history that is second to none. We have a limited amount of debt with a fixed interest rate which gives us the ability to invest back into our own business as opposed to having to pay significant interest or back payments that detract from our ability to grow our business. We’re on the right track and moving in the right direction.

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