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This video testimonial was shot for an I-T client of Webstorytellers in Galvestson, Texas at the University of Texas Medical Branch. When you see the damage left behind from Hurricane Ike, and listen to how our client helped UTMB get back on its feet, you can see how powerful video testimonials can really be. Imagine if you had to just read this story? Would the impact of this testimonial be the same?

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My name is Landon Winburn, I’m a software systems specialist at the university of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. UTMB is a world leading academic health care institution with many schools, research areas, and academic areas. We have numerous clinics all over the state of Texas as well. The hurricane was pretty disastrous for UTMB, especially on a lot of our first floors of many of our buildings. Lots of computer labs were lost. We lost numerous PC’s, laptops, switches, UPS’s, servers, lots of equipment! After the hurricane we really needed a solution that would allow us to virtualize some of the desktops that we had to allow remote access. The solution was Xendesktop. Xendesktop was the solution because we were able to now take these PC’s, convert them into virtual machines, and then dispose of the PC’s, and now the user has the same computer that they were using at their desk, but now it’s virtual, and they can access it from anywhere. Being able to virtualize these PC’s was a huge asset. To get xen desktop up and running was almost immediate! Being that we had a prior citrix experience at UTMB, adding Xendesktop to our infrastructure was a piece of cake. We had it up and running in less than a week, the desktops converted over to virtual machines, and the users were up and running almost immediately. Appsense really came into place once we started doing the provision desktops. They have a full suite of products that really tie together really well. A lot of other vendors don’t offer some of the products that Appsense does, such as performance manager and application manager, these two additional products really complete the virtual desktop solution. There are a lot of benefits to the Citrix and Appsense solution. Citrix itself integrates extremely easily with all of our existing infrastructure that we already had in place. Appsense takes it one step further by allowing us to integrate our virtual desktop infrastructure with our existing Xenap infrastructure and seamlessly migrate user settings from one environment to the other. The staff’s reaction has been great. They really enjoy the faster log on times, the reduced profile corruption, and now they really don’t have the need to call the help desk every time a profile gets corrupted. In the future we’re planning on rolling out Xendesktop to many areas where we really haven’t been able to use xenap published desktops in the past. Some of these areas might have additional USB devices, such as signature pads for electronic consents, scanners for capturing insurance information electronically, and many other USB type devices.

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