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AppSense is one of Webstorytellers clients in the I-T industry that really understands the value of video. In this clip you'll see how Appsense helped the Kaweah Delta Medical District with its I-T needs. If you need video in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, or anywhere else in California, just give us a call!

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Kaweah Delta medical Center is really a community based organization and we have hospitals throughout the valley to serve those needs. In 2008 we decided that we needed to grow more in Visalia in the central valley, so we passed a measure, which allowed us to expand the hospital and add a new wing. From an it perspective really, we were running into a lot of issues with standardization and management. We weren’t able to standardize on a certain desktop. Without that standardization, you have 20 techs running all over the place trying to figure out what to do and how to provide that for the doctors. Kaweah Delta has been a Citrix shop since 1995. And we kind of turned to citrix for our core solution. 8:00 so in 2008 with the expansion, we decided we were going to go all virtual desktop and all thin clients to centrally manage with a back end of Citrix. With that it became real apparent that we needed to do some kind of standardization of the desktop and some type of personalization for managers and doctors that didn’t want a general desktop. So we heard of Appsense and decided to go with them to provide that piece. We purchased the management suite. Which is performance manager, application manager and environment manager 11:36 at Kaweah, to provide that desktop to our users, we really focused on environment manager and the piece that it provides. The personalization, the streamed icons, the icon health system where essentially our nurses can delete all their icons and they’ll pop up like they haven’t been deleted. We decided to brand that and we called it My KD..My Kaweah Desktop. It’s basically Citrix in the back end with Appsense supporting on the front end for their desktops. That really allows our doctors to roam from room to room to provide better patient care because they have their information at their hand all the time. With the Ipad obviously it’s very slim and sleek and a very powerful utility that sits in our wrist and our hand, we can have that utility right here so we can be at a patient and lean over and show them their x-ray and say, here’s your problem. It can be a wired device, just like your standard desktop and they can be in their session and walk off with their Iphone and connect back to that exact same session. So you’re viewing an x-ray on a patient at your desktop computer and you need to go into the room; they can log in, come back to that x-ray where they were at and be back at that environment. Or if they want to go back to their office, they can go back and reconnect right at their office and see the environment where they were just at in their room or if they’re going home, they can pull up their cell phone and see that environment at home. We even have doctors in grocery stores when they’re shopping for their groceries after work hours, beign able to pull out their Ipad or Iphone and pull up a live telemetry chart of a patient in a room and they’re able to diagnose issues right there and right then and so i mean it’s a very powerful utility and so with the Citrix and Appsense front end it’s provided a phenomenal access to patient information. Without Appsense, we wouldn’t be able to provide that constant desktop those icons, those constants that the doctors look for, the quick access. My KD has had an overwhelming success doctors love it. Just to come do a device and within seconds their logged back into their desktop and they have their patient list, they have their x-rays, and to go home and go on the road and have that available to them is priceless and it really helps patient care and patient satisfaction which we’re always striving towards because we want to make our patients happy. Appsense, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without them it’s really been the heart and soul and personalization of what we do with our Citrix back end. Appsense is always very responsive in fielding that call and fielding that support need. I believe they’re even open 24/7 and that comes in very handy in a 24/7 hospital environment where we can’t have any down time so having that support makes it very beneficial for us. With environment manager and the whole Appsense suite we were able to provide faster log in times and really grow user density on our servers. This environment manager has proved crucial to that aspect.

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