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The University of Colorado Hospital is one of the rocky mountain region’s leading academic medical centers. The hospital has been rated in the top 4 percent in the u-s for nursing excellence, clinical care, and innovation. As a top 10 us news and world report hospital and a magnet hospital, we set the standards that people operate by. N-e-c has been working with the hospital for more than a decade to help it maintain its elite health care status. In fact, it was here where NEC deployed the nation’s first nurse call system, which allowed patients to use their bedside nurse call button to request assistance. We’ve always worked with them as their technology partner to understand their communication’s infrastructure and aligned those technologies to really make a difference with how care is delivered and how clinicians utilize communications technology to be efficient and to improve the patient experience. But improving the patient experience came with a few challenges that had to be overcome. The wireless headsets the nurses used were inefficient, and the phones had limited features and were cumbersome to use. So the hospital launched a pilot program where the nurses tested handsets from a variety of manufacturers. They chose Cisco’s unified wireless i-p phone 7925-g. I really like the phones for emergencies. I think that it really effects patients care and you can get a lot more people there a lot faster. You can hit an emergency light and it goes to everybody’s phone saying that there’s an emergency in that room, so that you get as many personnel present as you need. But the upgraded Cisco phones presented a new challenge: They required a Cisco call manager but the hospital’s existing call processing system was NEC based technology. U-c-h had to seamlessly integrate the two technologies without creating an IT nightmare that would be costly and difficult to support. The main challenge that existed is that the two systems weren’t necessarily talking to each other and so they weren’t getting the most benefit from each other. The nurses couldn’t interact with the nurse call system from their wireless handset. In other words, they still had to go to the patient’s room to find out what the patient’s need was. So, the hospital leveraged NEC’s comprehensive Unified Clinical Communications Solution. With the use of the unified communication solutions from NEC, they’re able to be more responsive to patients needs, they’re able to be more efficient with their clinical staff, and this in turn allows them to better manage their patient senses. As part of the integration services, NEC used Cisco nurse connect Middleware to connect the hospital’s nurse-call systems and wireless devices. We allowed them to leverage existing technology and we even, with our engineering staff, worked with them to create some custom capabilities to allow them to leverage existing technology so that they wouldn’t have to just replace it. The result was a phased in, flexible migration that provides and enhanced Middleware platform in a fully redundant environment. And perhaps most importantly, improved nurse productivity and patient care. The nurse gets to do what they do best which is spend more time with the patient rather than time walking to and from a patient’s room and we deliver better quality. Our nurses feel they are spending more time with patients, our patients feel like they are being care for better, it’s a win for everybody. Technology is not the end all health care provider, but we make the health care experience better. There is just so much electronic data out there now that’s involved in health care, the opportunities are almost endless. And we obviously think of this as a strategic product for us and our implementation.

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