Nexus - Dan Roam "Back of the Napkin" Event


Most of Webstorytellers clients have "events" that they host every year. This is an "event" piece that Nexus asked us to shoot and produce featuring public speaker, Dan Roam. If your company has an event you'd like Webstorytellers to shoot or if you need a video production company that can provide great company overview stories, video testimonials, video cases studies, and more, just give us a call!

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The idea of doing an event like this with Dan Roam came to me with Rob Wolfe coming into my office and saying hey, I have a great idea. I read this book it’s unbelievable you have to get a copy of it and told me what it was all about and it was about solving complex problems through storytelling. My main goal of this whole event what I really wanted people to get was the message that a simple picture can solve the most complex problems and can help you sell your ideas. When putting the event together we decided it definitely had to be over Webex. because we wanted to reach a wider audience and as we thought this through a little bit more we said, hey, we’re really trying to promote the use of business video and lets try to make sure we incorporate high definition video in it as well. so people not only see Dan and hear Dan but also watch Dan draw his pictures. It wasn’t just my talking and we could broadcast it through Webex, now it was my talking and drawing and rob from nexus, his talking and his drawing so we already have this collaborative thing going on on stage and then collaborate with the people remotely. It was very cool. I think communications and how you form communications is really important. The a-ha moment was when he was talking about that you’re more believable and they will excuse more issues and problems when you’re trying to do it live. And when you’re sitting there drawing in front of them trying to get an idea across particularly brainstorming rather than have it pat on a screen where they can sit there and do noting but criticize. It gives the opportunity for more open thoughts so there’s the aha moment of wow, there’s a significant reason to do it. This type of an event for nexus and for Cisco is really an event that’s thinking outside the box. It’s more than just we’re trying to sell you on a collaboration concept, it’s here, listen to this person, Dan roam talk about how he can help anybody in an organization sell their concept to somebody else in their organization or even in our personal lives. What we accomplished today was to bring a group into San Jose that we were going to teach this dynamic way of thinking but with a few mouse clicks we were able to instantly extend that message out all over the world through Webex and to two other cities, Irvine and Bellevue via video conferencing and web ex as well and we were able to have everyone we invited capture that message and we also have it recorded. That’s the true power of network based collaboration. In putting this event together with Cisco the thing that made it most successful is the continuous collaboration that we had between our two organizations. We couldn’t have done it without them.

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