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This is a beautiful video testimonial that features what an I-T client (Windstream, formerly known as Nuvox) of Webstorytellers did for the world famous Biltmore Farms, in Asheville, North Carolina. Webstorytellers is a San Diego area video production company that has teams in North Carolina that produce video testimonials like this one all the time. If you're looking for a video production company in North Carolina, consider us!

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Biltmore farms is a real estate operating management and development company located in and around Asheville, North Carolina. We own four hotels here in Asheville. We pride ourselves on our master plan communities such as Biltmore Lake and the Ramble and of course Biltmore Park. Our home office in Biltmore Park is our primary data hub that is connected to all of our remote locations like the double tree on the other side of town and they provide all the intranet and wan services and ability to share our files back and forth on a very efficient basis. In addition to that we’ve been able to combine all of our voice needs through Nuvox which has basically allowed us to keep our local long distance services costs to a minimum. The reliability of those products and what we use is important because when we come into work one day we’ve got to make sure everything is up and running and any downtown is just not good time for us and we’ve been able to stay 100 percent up and running and we can rely on the services and products. We do rely on Nuvox to proactively seek out new solutions for us and from my job on a day to day basis I do rely on them to make sure they are managing our bandwidth utilization and making sure that we’re getting the best services possible out there. Our relationship managers come to us and they found that we have three separate T-1 lines combining our double tree and our home office and they’ve found a new solution for us that’s basically going to combine those T-1’s and that’s going to save us money, it’s going to increase our ability to service our files and to share files back and forth. In essence those three highways will become one and we can all use them at one time, we can prioritize our services that are being shared back and forth, basically increasing our speed and more efficient work time. They’re a true partner in what we do. They are extremely loyal in their customer service. They definitely have our best interest in mind.

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