BCI-Mississippi-IT for a Presidential Debate


Webstorytellers, LLC, is a San Diego based video production company that produces video case studies on a regular basis. This is one of our best video case study samples that we shot at the University of Mississippi. They had the enormous task of pulling off the first televised Presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain in 2008. If your company has a case study or a success story you'd like produced in Mississippi or anywhere in the United States or Canada, just give us a call!

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It was the first presidential debate held in Mississippi. We were nervous about it. This was the first debate of 2008 and there were others who were following us that were looking to us. They even sent teams to see how we did it and so the pressure on us to deliver was tremendous.” They required us to provide a building right next to the site of the debate and we didn’t have a building. We had to come up with a building. A very sophisticated tent! And in that tent we had to provide 700 work stations for the press that included a hard line phone, televisions for every one of them, or a huge television for every three, we had to have all kinds of computer networks set up, everywhere in the world to put on a very modern worldwide event. The technology demands on us were tremendous! Our experience with BCI is that they were very flexible, very supportive, they didn’t look down their noses to those of us who didn’t understand the nuances of technology. They were very, very patient, and very supportive and we’ll always thank BCI for that attitude as well as the tremendous help they gave. We had to have good partners like BCI. They were wonderful. A Mississippi company, we were proud that they stepped up and helped us with this because we probably would not have been able to do this as well as we did without the help of partners like BCI. They had the network, they helped us design the network, they helped us secure the network, they helped us make sure the network worked on-site where the debate was, that was crucial. To have a world class company like Cisco backing up a Mississippi company like BCI gave everybody more security. I’m sure it gave BCI security and it certainly gave us more security to know that a world-wide company known for its fine product was behind everything we did as far as technology is concerned and the establishment of our network. An a-plus! I would rate the entire experience one of the best things that the University of Mississippi has ever done. One of our top alums saw me about 10 minutes after the debate and said, I’ve never been prouder of my alma-mater than I am tonight.

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