Blue Water Group - Blue Managed Service Solution-New York City


Blue Water Group is one of Webstorytellers IT clients in New York City. This video is all about "Blue," a managed service solution that's run out of Blue Water's Network Operations Center. If you are looking for a video production company in New York City who produces product pieces like this, video testimonials, video case studies, company overview stories and more, give us a call!

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Blue has been extremely successful in the market place, it’s the fastest growing part of our business! Blue is a managed service solution that is operated out of Bluewater Communication group’s network operations center in Hauppauge, New York. Like many break-through IT solutions, it was brought to market out of necessity. We built Blue because of the ever increasing demand from our customer base, who frequently asked us, if we had an offering that could provide a 24x7 monitoring and managed service of the technologies that we deployed. The fact is, no company is ever completely immune to a network outage. When a company’s network goes down, it can deliver a devastating blow to the company’s image, it’s productivity can go down, revenue can be impacted and as a result the overall cost can be devastating. Companies who have deployed blue---are resting easier at night---knowing that their network infrastructure is being managed and in good hands. Our customers really like Blue because it enables them to refocus their staff on more strategic goals, while we focus on the more tactical goals.” It’s an amazing system that we’ve been using. My company uses Blue by implementing their monitoring system so that we don’t have to worry about when our network goes down, calling up anybody to come and correct the issue, it’s immediately taken care of. We don’t have to worry about losing our clients, losing our customers because of any down time from our system. It’s immediately resolved and we can go about our business and continue fulfilling the needs that we have for our clients and customers. There are many other reasons why blue is in such high demand. We’re delivering a fortune 100 solution into the mid market space. Secondly, the offering itself is simplistic in terms of the reporting it’s flexible in terms of the SLA’s and the offering. And thirdly, it’s customized to our clients requirements. Blue’s flexibility and simplicity are key traits of this offering that combines fault and performance management, asset tracking and support all in the same service. There are three levels of blue’s 24x7x365 service. Blue monitoring includes a set of customized tools to give customers complete visibility into their environment. Blue managed includes all the tools as well as itil processes and 24x7x365 NOC engineers to provide remote mediation, customer service request assistance and vendor/carrier management. Blue managed plus includes all elements of blue managed and further includes a dedicated on site resource who knows the customer’s operational environment and works on a flexible and convenient schedule. and it’s all overseen by a group of “talent rich” senior certified engineers who understand their customers’ IT networks. We are able to leverage a highly skilled field engineering team that have built and deployed the technologies that we support and that provides escalation in a level three and level four scenarios. Customer’s also appreciate the personalized service and having the ability to speak to local engineers on the first call. Together with unlimited remote service requests, customers who use blue have seen first hand just how much of an impact it can have on their business. It’s basically a fortune 100 type system that works with a company much smaller like mine. They offer this system at a very fair and reasonable price and I really recommend the Bluewater group and the blue monitoring system to anybody out there!

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