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Bluewater communications group is a new york based firm that has earned the trust of its many clients by filling very specific needs in the IT marketplace. Bluewater communications group is a high end systems integrator where we focus on voice, data, and video solutions. In addition, high security within a network, as well as wireless solutions. We work in tandem with our clients to help them understand and architect how solutions will impact their business to their benefit. Either increasing productivity, reducing costs, or improving a client experience. Company CEO Bob Cagnazzi and the team started Bluewater in 2006. We believed in the technology. We really believed in things like unified communications, collaboration and virtualization, that those solutions could drive tremendous value for our clients. That list of clients has rapidly grown every year since the company’s inception in 2006…. And now that has expanded into New Jersey and Connecticut. These clients include well known firms from various industries; everyone from the , retail, education, legal, public sector, and sports & entertainment markets- to the financial services industry. Being here in New York, we have been very focuses on the financial service community, we do a lot with hedge funds, private wealth management, private equity, driving those solutions that make sense for those firms. At the same time we’ve developed a very large practice around higher education and now k-12, providing solutions that make sense that drives value for them. Though the team at Bluewater has extensive experience servicing the largest companies in the world, it decided from the very beginning to focus on those that are often neglected just because of their size. Our client base is typically from about 200 users up to about 3,000 users in an organization. We firmly believe that clients outside the fortune 100 have the same issues that clients within it do. The big partners, they’re not going to deal with the smaller guys, and most of the other smaller partners really weren’t bringing that fortune 100 level value in terms of the talent base or the processes. So our a-team is the type of a-team that would be at some of the largest fortune 100 clients. But our a-team is the team that’s going out to visit some of our existing clients which are not fortune 100 clients. That a-team consists of a deep talent pool that is widely respected in the industry…. And provides a full life-cycle of it solutions and services to each individual client. The management team alone has more than 100-years combined industry experience. The success of Bluewater really is attributable to our people. I can’t speak enough about our employees. We’re looking to add to the talent, so out the gate we need somebody who’s right up there with the best talent in the industry. Employing talented people leads to that desire to want to employ other talented people. So it’s an on-going process that we continue to focus on. Bluewater is proud to have achieved Cisco gold partner status, coupled with the Cisco customer satisfaction excellence award faster than any other partner in Cisco history. The Bluewater/Cisco relationship is one that has---and will continue to benefit every client Bluewater has now and into the future. Our partnership with cisco is unparalleled. It is a tremendous manufacturer that fully understands the marketplace, not just the marketplace we see today, but what the landscape looks like three to five years out. There’s a good synergy between Bluewater and Cisco and it shows. Just looking at the results that Bluewater has had with Cisco in terms of being one of their top partners consistently in such a short period of time, that’s all i need to know.

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