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We’re a trial firm that does medical malpractice defense work and represent a lot of the major medical centers and physicians in the Chicago area. We wanted to get an office out in the Dupage area because we represent some clients out here some medical centers, some clinics, and we wanted to have a presence in the Dupage area. Amata has been wonderful. When we started our search for space out in this Dupage, Kane county area one of our associates did an extensive search, looked at a number of different buildings. This was the best location we can get to the Dupage county courthouse, or Kane county courthouse. Amata’s services are just excellent. No one else offered the services that Amata offers. The receptionist service, the secretarial and clerical services it’s all been in one package and it’s made life very easy and the transition to this office has been painless. I think the services that Amata offers is a great deal of flexibility. Not only in the services that they provide to us but it gives us flexibility in servicing our clients. The on site staff has been superb and willing to accommodate any needs that we have. This relationship and having this space here at Amata, we’ve brought all of our clients out here to see the space, they’ve all been impressed and as a result our business has already increased.

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