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Video testimonials might be the best way to tell the world about the quality of your business. Our client, Amata, in Chicago, understands this. Watch this video clip and see how video testimonials are ideal, if not necessary, for any business! Multiple video testimonials produced by Webstorytellers can convince others to work with your company immediately. Video testimonials work!

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I’m a sole practitioner I have a boutique investment advisory firm Naperville is an epic enter for my clientele and my business and I was looking to not be directly in the downtown area. And I was looking for a professional environment. Once you get off that elevator the double glass doors, the white furniture, the reception, lobby area is phenomenal. It truly is. And it gives a great first impression to when clients come in. The value proposition that resonated most to me through Amata was the fact that I could outsource the non-core business aspects of my business and allow me to concentrate and work on the business that directly relates to my clients. The technology is phenomenal. Number one, from a physical aspect of the building being a lead certified building and the type of environment that we are in it leads credence to I’m practicing what I’m preaching. I am on the green leadership council for Naperville and to have clients know that and then to come up to a lead certified building is a practice what you preach kind of deal and then not only that, they’ve taken the lead certification and have implemented phenomenal technology. The fiber optics are some of the best that I’ve seen when I was doing my homework in looking at office buildings. To be in an environment like this, very clean, very nice modern environment I think that lends a little bit of comfort to my clients that I’m not only making good decisions on my behalf but I’m making good decisions on my business so cornerstone can succeed going forward.

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