CBeyond 10 Year Story - Atlanta


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When I started this company we said here’s how we’re going to do business, and doing business this way is as important as the things that we do as a business. When James Geiger started Cbeyond in late June in late 1999, he had a very clear vision about the services his company was going to provide. He established a company wide culture a decade ago that had some distinct personality traits. Caring relentlessly, acting graciously, learning continuously, and leading courageously. Those are more than just words at this Atlanta based Communications and It provider. It's a way of life that has affectionately become known as Cbeyond’s Character. When the company begin, it did very well in offering big business communications services to small and medium size businesses, beginning in the Atlanta market, with Dallas following soon after. Ten years later Cbeyond is in 13 U.S. markets nationwide, has a customer retention rate greater than 99 percent, and has been ranked on the list of Georgia's fastest growing technology firms and Forbes list of fastest growing companies. Cbeyond went public in 2005 and just two years later, the company's senior leadership went to New York City to ring the Nasdaq stock market opening bell. That type of fast track success has translated to thousands of satisfied customers who have come to appreciate Cbeyond's continuity and stability. We seem to be working with the same people over a long period of time and I think that speaks volumes about the quality of company that they’re working for. They’re very personable and that’s a trait that’s been lacking in a lot of customer service organizations for years, especially in the communications industry. They know what they’re talking about and very competent at what they do. Cbeyond measures its successes in a very unique way. Around here, success is measured in miles. It's not all about dollars and cents at Cbeyond. Each 5,280 customers we think of as a new mile of customers and I guess we’re at this point about ten miles deep. That's ten miles deep in just ten years. From a financial standpoint, a decade in, the company couldn't be in better shape. We don’t have a dollar of debt and I’m very proud of that. We don’t live beyond our means, we share in bonuses, every one has the same objective in the company. Over the last ten years, Cbeyond has looked after the people who work here and those who live in their communities nationwide. In fact, in 2007, then President George W. Bush presented Cbeyond with the presidential volunteer service award for the thousands of voluntary hours its employees donated to various communities around the U.S. That type of volunteer spirit continues today. I think that’s admirable that a corporation gets everything in perspective, to service their community is a priority to them and I appreciate that. It's been a rewarding and successful 10-years at Cbeyond. But as good as it's been, there' officially no looking back, there's too much to accomplish and many more miles to go in the next ten years. I’m not displeased with the things we’ve accomplished. I’m much more hopeful and anticipatory about the things we’re about to accomplish so I’m looking forward!

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