Cbeyond - Habitat for Humanity Case Study-Michigan


This video case study for Webstorytellers client, Cbeyond features what they did for Habitat for Humanity in Michigan. If you need video production like video case studies, video testimonials, or company overview videos in Michigan, just give us a call!

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In this Michigan neighborhood… times are tough. But with a commitment to revive and support… things are looking up. Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County is helping families make the dream of home-ownership… a reality. And they’re doing it by leveraging some of the most powerful communication technology available today… by combining Cisco’s u-c-500 i-p p-b-x… and c-beyond’s “beyond voice” with “sip” connect… a 100-percent “pure digital” business-grade “v-o-i-p” service offering. Habitat won the grand prize for C-beyond and Cisco’s “small business communications make-over contest”… beating out more than 220 *other worthy submissions. In the process… habitat launched itself into 21-st century communication technology – with mobile and landline integration… increased productivity…and cost-savings. This new phone system brought us fast connectivity, the ability to forward messages, to put messages in front of them. This new technology for voice communication was amazing. The internet application worked really well for us. Habitat for humanity of Oakland had been using a donated –yet outdated – phone system. When re-seller “preferred data systems” heard habitat had won the C-beyond contest… they jumped at the chance to be involved. When we combine the Cisco uc-500 ip-pbx with the Cbeyond service, we know it’s going to work, and that it’s going to be a quick implementation, because Cisco and cbeyond have already done all the testing to work all the bugs out.” kelly “Como” and his senior network engineer – Kerry Ross – had worked with habitat before… lending their time and talents during a “blitz build.” now… their expertise is helping to further habitat’s mission in another way. The cbeyond sip connect circuit provides end-to-end ip connectivity. The new system allows habitat to do *more… with *less. The contest prize – valued at ten thousand dollars – turned out to be worth much *more to habitat. The award included a t-1 line, which really changed our ability to do things. In fact, it was a ten thousand dollar award, and it would say it’s worth many more thousands of dollars to us. On the wall of the office the money habitat *saved by winning the award was put *right back into the program… buying more materials to build more homes… funding three “Americore” volunteers by paying their educational stipends… and even helping to lower monthly mortgage payments for those helping build their own homes, and *futures. What’s really cool about cbeyond and these collaborative partners, is that they understand the mission of habitat. And they knew that if anything went wrong, the mission would slow down. So, they put us at the top of the list. It’s been amazing. Habitat for Humanity was the perfect choice for this Cisco/c-beyond solution. As we looked at habitat’s operational constructs, we realized that they have a lot of field operations. And one of the things that cbyeond brings to the fold, is that we integrate long distance, high speed internet and mobile. And we realized there was a lot of value we could add to their operations. As with habitat… giving back to the community is an underlying corporate value at c-beyond. We’re really, really pleased to be a partner of habitat, and Cisco really stepped up to the plate, in terms of enabling the solution, bring their equipment into the prize. Here at habitat, they build rain or shine. And things change quickly here at the work site. That’s why communication with the volunteers, the warehouse and the team back at the office is so critical. With the switch-over from one service provider to cbeyond, it was a seamless, flawless execution on their part. “Those people in the office are constantly using our cbeyond system here, to meet our needs, because those people in the field will be calling back to say ‘we need x, y or z.. We need this from the warehouse, we need whatever… and we’re able to easily and efficiently and effectively meet those needs. Working in server room all the while knowing that re-seller help – if needed – is close by. Like I say, my hat’s off to the whole team and the organization. You know, they try hard and they served us well. And… just like habitat – whose volunteers and team leaders are “in it for the long haul” – ready to lend families a helping hand to get them on their feet… the communication technology team of Cisco, c-beyond and p-d-s isn’t going anywhere. We approach it as a partnership… we’re not just here to sell something and move on. We’re here to sell, integrate, launch and support, on an on-going basis. That’s what really sets us apart.

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