BCI - Greenwood School District-Arkansas


Greenwood School District in Mississippi provides a wonderful video case study or success story for our client BCI Communications, who's corporate office is based in New Jersey. Do you have a school district who would like to speak on your behalf? These video case studies speak for themselves! If you would like corporate video in Mississippi, we have teams in your area!

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When I began in 2004 we had approx. 400 computers and we have grown to over 1500 computers with plans to add an additional thousand computers or more. Before BCI, the school district was focused primarily on desktop computers, computer labs, computers in the classrooms. With the new focus of 21st century classroom, the devices became wireless, not wired in the classroom, they weren’t just computers, they were laptops and other wireless devices. BCI came in to the picture to help us make sure we were ready for that. To make sure our infrastructure could handle these additional devices and that it was safe and secure for our students. BCI is exactly that. They’re part of our team. They’re a team member, we could not have done it without partners and vendors that are actually willing to come in to our district, into our school and play a role as a team player. They’ve done everything we’ve asked them to do. Not just give us a quote and sell us a product. They came in and really spent days with us looking and meeting our needs. Because of the wireless and infrastructure upgrade that BCI helped us do; students are now able to have laptops in different classrooms that they didn’t have access to before. We’ve currently implemented mobile carts; we’ve implemented some additional Mac books instead of just PC based computers. We’re going to be able to grow, not just with our wireless but even on a corp. level with voice over IP, video streaming, digital signage , it’s unlimited what we’ll be able to do and how the students will be able to benefit. I would recommend BCI and Cisco to any school district or corporation because they are easy to work with, they do stand behind their product , they do have the experts to come in, because every business and every school is unique you always have your little custom niches that you need that help with and they’re willing to take the time to learn what your needs actually are and not just try to sell you the product they want to do what’s best for you, they want to do what’s best for the students.

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