BCI - USM Case Study-Mississippi


BCI Communications hired Webstorytellers Video Production company to produce a video case study on their success story with the University of Southern Mississippi. Great video, great sound, great story. If your company is looking for video production services in Mississippi that features a case study, a video testimonial, or a company overview story, just give us a call!

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I want the University of Southern Mississippi to be the most technologically advanced institution in the south. We’ve got probably one of the most complex networks in the south with 7 campuses and diverse student body. A lot of that student body doesn’t necessarily reside on campus, it could be virtual. So in today’s society, to make all this transparent requires a lot of technology. They want to attend a university and not worry about getting plugged in; they want to be plugged in the moment they walk in or go to the first class. So we have to have wireless throughout our campus. BCI is our strategic partner; they provide us a lot of support and resources that we do not have access to at the institution. My folks understand the institution very well but we turn to the subject matter experts to keep us abreast of the best practices, the state of the art issues, and that’s what we’ve looked towards BCI to provide. They’ve been just excellent; again, they are part of my team now. As transparent as we try to make technology with students, we have to make our strategic partners as transparent part of the team as they would be if they resided here on campus. It’s like electricity. Nobody’s going to attend the university if you don’t have electrical power. And it’s the same thing here—to be competitive in the university you have to the state of the art technology and that’s what working with BCI has provided. Cisco has provided the state of the art equipment so we do not have to continuously fight operations so we can always look towards the vision of what’s the next step, and that’s the advantage of working with Cisco and BCI.

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