BCI - SkyGolf Case Study-Mississippi


SkyGolf® is a private company specializing in the development of innovative positioning systems and technology products specifically designed for personal use on a golf course. How did Webstorytellers client BCI help them become a better company? Check it out! If you need video production services that include case studies like this one, video testimonials, or company overviews, we have teams in Mississippi and around the country. Give us a call!

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SkyGolf is a range finder company. Our product pretty much tells any golfer out there how do I play the best game, fastest, smartest, quickest way of playing golf. We are a technology company. From multiple standpoints. Number one we are a 365 day year company. We are around the world so we have to be up and running around the clock. We have to make sure for our customers we have security of course, we rely of Cisco products to give us the top security that we can but also for reliability you have to have the ability that if anything goes down, you have redundancy. Prior to BCI, the company is almost in some respects a start up. We were small, we didn’t have a large staff and BCI was critical in helping us set up the basic infrastructure within the company, it helped us to get our basic footing, our voiceover IP phone systems and they continue to partner with us and of course we’ve grown and have a bigger technical staff and they come up along side our staff now and help us through various problems, help us to find solutions as we look forward for future business and say, well what are we going to do next year, we can sit down, what’s coming out, where do we want to go, so our network engineers sit down with BCI and BCI is a great partner with us to help us move forward. The company as a whole is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s really kind of hard to keep up. We’ve just recently expanded into a new data center; we have a color area, off site for disaster recovery, those types of things, we are trying to increase our bandwidth, continually upgrading our switches and backbone and it’s a constant move forward. We really do work very diligently in making sure that our hardware our technology, what we use and who we partner with , its to give the best customer experience and that’s what it’s all about. 15:48 because our customers, our main, main goal is keeping them happy. I don’t think we could be today where we are if hadn’t had BCI standing along side us and helping us to get forward.

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