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Data Systems Worldwide, Inc. provides network solutions, computing, consulting, training, and other support systems. They are a Webstorytellers client from the greater Los Angeles area. DSW hired Webstorytellers to help spell out who they are and what they can bring to their clients. If you need a reasonably priced Los Angeles video production company that can provide company overview stories like this one, or video testimonials, case studies, and more, give us a call! We are California based and we have you covered!

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DSW is a company that our clients can trust. We’ve been in business since 1971 with the same consistent ownership. My father started the company, Frank Mogavero, and he was an IT pioneer. I’m proud that I’ve been able to carry the legacy of DSW on, but what really makes me smile is when a customer says, “you know, you really helped my business grow. And I remember about a decade or two ago there was a customer that we helped grow their business by bringing new technology to them to innovate their businesses and helped them grow their business from 80-million to 800 million. We helped another company that was in serious financial straits, optimize their IT infrastructure, and provide the resources to support it, saving them over a million dollars a year. More recently we helped a gaming customer implement brand new Ethernet based slot network technology. And by doing that we’re creating new revenue opportunities and differentiating for their business, that didn’t exist before. In 2006 DSW made a critical decision for our business. We decided to embrace Cisco as the core technology solution that we built our solutions upon. And we did that because we though Cisco’s vision lined up very closely with ours. That it’s not IT assets sitting by themselves alone that adds value for the customer. It’s integrating them together to form a single solution that adds true value. So by taking the huge amount of resources that Cisco has an molding them into a solution that’s different than the big guys can offer, we believe we’re offering our customers unique value and new revenue opportunities that nobody else can match.

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