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The network engineers and computer scientists at ESNET go to work every day with a passion for their craft. It’s really exciting to work in this kind of environment. It’s always new and interesting and exciting. Providing cutting edge technology is exactly what the Department of Energy has come to expect from this Berkeley, California based Energy Sciences Network. ESnet has been providing reliable network infrastructures to the Department of Energy’s scientists and it’s labs since its inception in 1986. ESnet is the high performance networking facility of the department of energy office of science. We provide a national network, a high speed network for scientists and our network connects the 10 office of sciences labs as well as 30 other dual use or multi use labs across the country and they can share their data, collaborate over long distances and we also peer with over 100 other research and commercial networks around the world. ESnet operates under contract by the University of California’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The company has seen technology change from slow speed landlines to what the internet has become today. It has remained ahead of the curve, and today is developing technology that is poised to become the new “standard” of tomorrow for scientists around the country. We had the very first IP V6 address block that was given out and we continue today with pushing the state of the art 100 gigabit network that we’re going to build with the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds. We’re not bound like commercial companies where they are specifically revenue driven so we are actually driven to support science not only from a transport layer but also from a research perspective. Because the Department of Energy’s office of science is one of the largest supporters of research of physical sciences in the US , ESnet’s mission is to provide state-of-the-art services that enable scientists to do great work at the cutting edge and to increase the scientific capabilities of the United States. Because of its consistency and reliability, ES Net’s network is relied upon for “big science” projects like “climate change, radio telemetry, and the large hydron collide. There are a number of what we refer to as large science projects that have come along in recent l years that are being funded by the department of energy and the department of energy is responsible for providing network support to that involve very, very large amounts of data. Our job is to enable those aspects of the science that rely on distributive systems ,movement of massive data sets, distributive simulation capabilities, remote collaboration, that’s our job. They are pretty serious about using computers and using the network to facility their science so they fill up our network like nobody’s business. In order to meet the demands of “filling up” their network, ESnet works 24/7 with scientists around the world to provide them with exactly what they need. The way they see it, the only way to accomplish that is with an “out of the box” approach to technology. We want people to think of things that no one else has thought of and then go after it and build it and create it. And creating it they are. The ESnet 4 network has won multiple awards including the coveted Excellence dot Gov award for Excellence in Leveraging Technology in 2009, and has been recognized as one of the top 10 government agency innovators by Information Week magazine. ES NET is focused on creating the “next generation” of networking technology for scientists everywhere. And they’re doing it with a unique team of I-T experts who collectively are some of the brightest minds in the industry. We have a really unique culture. It’s a small group of people, we really enjoy working with one another , we are tops in our fields. Some of the network engineers are some of the best that I’ve ever come across. You just learn something new every day and I think that is probably the most rewarding part of it.

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