IntegraOne - David - Easton Area Schools-Pennsylvania


integraONE hired San Diego area video production company, Webstorytellers to do this video success story, or video case study, on the Easton Area schools in Pennsylvania. How great is this technology for schools! If you need video production services in Pennsylvania, San Diego, or anywhere in the United States, give us a call!

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The Easton area school district is one of our larger school districts that we have in our area, approximately 9-10 thousand students, around the neighborhood of 800 teachers. There’s also 13 buildings, 11 of those are schools within the district. They came to us and said they really wanted a change in everything, their complete infrastructure. We were looking at changing out the T-1 connectivity between the schools, we were going to put in a new fiber backbone, redundant between all the schools, a complete new phone system, replacing out all the older non-managed switches, with new managed switches, so really it was complete overhaul of their entire network. When you have T-1 connectivity between all the schools, it’s hard to move a lot of data in-between the schools and as the school information systems are growing and with that amount of students, there’s a lot of information that they need to share between the schools. And it was just really getting difficult to move that amount of data. They keep adding more and more technology to the school A few years ago with the T-1’s between the schools and the switching infrastructure that they had, they never would have been able to add on the I-P technology and share a lot of the data that they do, they would never be able to push that amount of data between the schools. That’s the solid infrastructure that they continue to build off of today. When a client contacts us and they’re looking for some type of new infrastructure, whether it be wireless, or I-P telephony, or data center, what we do is we go out to their location, we do a walk through of all their buildings, document the connectivity between all the buildings, all the switches, try to look at what we can re-use, what we have to replace, and with Easton in mind, since they were getting a new telephony system we had to make sure all the switches were up to par with QOS and have the ability to power the phones, so we went through, did a complete design, created all the material lists that we need, drawings, worked with the local fiber vendors, outside parties, phone companies, to consolidate all the phone numbers, so there’s a whole process that we put together and propose to the client. As soon as the funds are released the parts usually get ordered in June and then by the time they come in, we’re always pushing up against a time line before school starts to get all that equipment installed. We always work with our local Cisco partner, a vendor out of Malvern, PA and they always help us out, they always expedite the equipment and make some phone calls or do whatever they can to make sure we get that equipment on time. Deadlines are very important to us here at Integra One and that’s actually one big advantage of working with a company like Integra One, because we’re small enough we don’t have to run through all the different chains of processes to get things approved. When we need a deadline that has to be made, we can get a hold of everyone in the office and make sure that that happens. If you don’t stay ahead of the curve I always think in a year or two you’re always going to be so far behind. And that’s why clients come to us. They come to us because we have already had the opportunity to work on or go to school on the latest equipment. Everybody wants to have the latest and greatest in their network.

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