IntegraOne - Shelby - Easton Area Schools-Pennsylvania


Shelby, from IntegraOne, talks about the wide variety of services IntegraONE has provided for the Easton Area schools in Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a video production company in Pennsylvania, Webstorytellers has video production teams right there! Whether you need a video case study like this one, video testimonials, or video overview stories, just give us a call!

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I am their account manager so I am the liaison between Easton and Integra. I help in coordinating meetings, scheduling of resources, work on their proposals, and pricing, leveraging contracts in order to get the district their best pricing and helping them stay within their budget requirements. Over the years we’ve done a lot with Easton, anything from new construction to remodeling of buildings… We’ve done Unified Communications, E 9-1-1 Systems, we’ve also done a lot with helping solve problems in existing buildings and existing networks. In the past couple of years Easton has really grown their population and coupling that with Pennsylvania’s one-to-one initiative where each student eventually is going to have a laptop, wireless coverage became a real issue for them. So we partnered and came up with solutions to extend their wireless coverage and really better the environment for that. I think we’ve built that relationship with Easton to the point where they do come to us when they need a little bit more assistance or even if they have a big project that they need help with. I think Integra as a whole has that mindset, we very much look to partner and form relationships with customers. Easton is a prime example of that. We’ve never gone in there for a one-time project or one time sale. We understand their environment, they know we’re in it for the long haul, we’re there to help them as their technology changes and grows.

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