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Processing inmates through the la county jail system is no small task. We have the largest jail system in the free world and we house approximately 19, 000 and we go up to a little over 20,000 inmates on any given day. Lt rick Myers is among those who have to make sure such a sizable undertaking goes off without a hitch. He manages the custody automation unit for the sheriff’s department’s data systems bureau. We process approximately 1500 to 2000 inmates, busing them to and from court everyday. It’s an extensive process in order to process that many inmates into and out of the custody system and movement within the custody environment. Technology has helped turn what used to be a tedious and time consuming ordeal into a smooth and seamless process. Gone are the days when the movement and tracking of each inmate had to be manually done. Today, the sheriff’s department uses wireless bar code scanning devices to help streamline the process. As a result, it’s a win-win for the county and the inmates. The benefit to the inmate now is that we can process inmates faster and because we can process them faster, they’re not housed in holding cells, they’re not in cramped spaces very long. The process keeps going. We have less paperwork than we that we have to track; we have less opportunity for losing paperwork Butt to: it keeps our attention on the inmate more which is an officer safety issue. We can very quickly scan 45 or 50 inmates onto a bus without spending an enormous amount of time with those inmates. Part of the success of the bar code technology is due, in part, to Intermec’s cn3 mobile computers. The sheriff’s department purchased this wireless hand held scanning device to communicate with their network databases through Cisco wireless access points. It’s one of the more than 450 devices the sheriff’s department has deployed to keep track of any given inmate while they’re in custody. It’s technology that currently records an inmate’s ever move as he or she is processed to and from court and is being expanded to record an inmate’s movement within each custody facility. In some cases it was taking in excess of 48 hours to get an inmate processed through our inmate reception center, and that’s far too long because they don’t have showers available, they don’t have beds available and so through the use of bar code technology what we did is we created scan points throughout the process within our inmate reception center so that as an inmate was going through the process and getting scanned it would record the time. The la county sheriff’s department also created a system that makes sure that no inmate is overlooked or left in the holding area for too long. We created what we call dashboards. And they’re displays on the walls that the deputies and supervisors can look at any time that says how many inmates we’ve had in the process from say one to five hours from 6 to 10 hours from 11 to 15 hours all the way up to 24 hours. And just by looking at that, you can see when somebody’s getting up into the 15 or 20 hour mark. We’re able to go and quickly get that particular inmate, move them to the front of the line and get them processed. This highly effective bar code technology also helps keep track of clothing and personal items that are put into storage while the inmates are in custody. As a result, lost property claims are down and so too is the amount of manpower needed to keep track of the paperwork that in the past was extremely time consuming and costly. At the end of the day, this new wireless technology has forever changed the way places like the la county sheriff’s department does business---for the better. The experience has been a very positive experience We’re very happy with what we’ve implemented within our custody environment.

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