Teracai - Damien - Granville County Schools-North Carolina


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The Granville county school district is a a district of about 9,000 students about 1,000 employees, we have about 15 schools spread across all of Granville county which is about a 40 mile wide county. They’re trying to get away from the model of more lecture based learning, where the teacher stands at the chalkboard and writes things down and the student listens and has to focus and they’re not really engaged in anything so what they’re trying to do is using laptops, mobile devices, and different kinds of technology tools to engage the children and make them learn in a different way. The students already have access to these things, they know how to go out and do research but when they come into the classroom they aren’t allowed to do any of these things they have to go back to the old grab a piece of paper, grab a book, and write this down! It’s just allowing them a little more flexibility in how they want learn. Providing these types of tools, showing that their kids can get a better education in our county is a pretty big draw for them especially when some of them live in the southern end of our county. We do all of our wireless infrastructure through them, and also pretty much our routing, switching, and unified communications through them so they’re pretty much helping us with all of our networking needs. I’ve actually worked with quite a few integrators and we pretty much ended up if you didn’t spend x amount of dollars with them then you were getting less and less support. I’ve found that with teracai that no matter what I’m doing I get the same level of support all the way through so that kind of really builds a good relationship with us and the company. It’s kind of daunting to have to flip through all this on your own and not have anybody to rely on to be able to sort through all these products and kind of figure out what you need for your business. It was really helpful to now have one contact that can go out and match me with the correct engineer and kind of walk me through it. I think before we worked with Teracai we had one school that actually had any kind of wireless at all except for our district office and now we’re up to about 5 of our 14 locations and we’re adding probably two or three more that we bought all of this and worked all of this with Teracai and also we switched to light weight access points so they’re a lot quicker to deploy and a lot easier to use. The goal is to have one laptop per child so it’s going to be a really huge wireless infrastructure and also it needs to be some kind of communication between classrooms, and also between projects, maybe two schools working on the same project, having a wireless infrastructure plus a unified communications infrastructure that really helps them to easily connect those to classrooms and expand their learning situation. It’s been great, they’re probably one of the best companies I’ve had to work with.

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