Teracai - Scott - Hershey Corp-Syracuse, NY


Our client Teracai hired San Diego based video production company, Webstorytellers to produce this video testimonial for the Hershey Corporation in Syracuse, New York. Video testimonials like these can bring a web page to life. The one quote that really stands out in this video testimonial is this one: "They do what they say…they always hit their date, they hit their target." Powerful video testimonial don't you think?

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The Hershey company is the largest North American manufacturer of quality chocolate and sugar confectionery products. We make fun, we make candy, all sorts of brands, a great company, an American company. Teracai has actually really helped us out. They do what they say…they always hit their date, they hit their target. We’ve bought routers and switches and all sorts of hardware for years We’re actually implementing a unified communications system so it transforms the company in many ways actually. Unified communications is a very new space and they really understand it. Our company was basically an email company before and this is sort of opening us up to instant messaging and collaboration and personal video conferencing, it’s really made a big difference. You can see each other on laptops anywhere in the world today because of this, i mean it’s really sort of made the company connected together much more and that certainly increases productivity and efficiency worldwide Our travel is going to be reduced, the number of meetings that people have to travel to is being reduced, you can actually talk and meet online from your office as opposed to getting in your car and driving and that entire solution will save us millions of dollars over the next five years, I mean it’s very transformational.

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