Teracai - Colleen - Cross Radiology Assoc. Syracuse, NY


Colleen from Cross Radiology Associates talks about what Webstorytellers client Teracai did for CRA. She breaks down how thorough Teracai was in helping them put together their IT needs. Webstorytellers is a San Diego based video production company who produces videos like this throughout Syracuse and all of New York. If you are looking for a video production company in Syracuse, New York, we have teams there! Give us a call!

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I'm the IT director for a radiology practice in Syracuse, it’s cross radiology associates. we have 30 radiologists and about 50 employees, we have two outpatient offices and we read 4/3 major hospitals in the area. We moved from the company we were with to Teracai because the expertise just seemed so much better. They started with a network assessment for us and it was phenomenal. It was a very good job, very well done, thorough, the documentation was something that we hadn’t had before so that impressed me and it impressed my bosses. Some of our needs we didn’t even realize what the technology could do for us. they brought in the equipment products, the choices we could make, the routing, the connections that we need to make with our clients, our customers, so i think that was one of the biggest improvements with them, not to mention the variety of products that we could choose from. It was very well done and exactly what we needed. while we we’re supporting our doctors and our employees, they were giving us the documentation we needed to support our own department.. Our network is our lifeline and they supply us with equipment and engineers that keep that lifeline alive 24 hours a day. our doctors will be reading anywhere any day or night at any location. they’ve supplied support for that on a 24/7 basis if I have a problem at 2am, I have a radiologist who’s 20 miles away from the hospital he’s reading for, if that line goes down, I do have someone to call. and they can connect remotely back to our network equipment sometimes no one needs to go in and that’s a major improvement from 5 years ago. we cannot do our radiology anymore without a network, it’s not viable, it’s not marketable, and it’s been the reason we’ve grown, the stability that we’ve put in place with Teracai on that network has allowed us to grow our business over the last two years substantially. Our network is stable. the 24/7 coverage is really nice but i rarely need it. and it’s because of the products that we’ve invested in.

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