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Midwave is a client of San Diego area video production company, Webstorytellers. Midwave is based in Eden Prairie Minnesota that's dedicated to helping medium to large companies and government agencies tackle the most complex IT issues. Midwave hired Webstorytellers to produce this powerful video testimonial from the National Marrow Donor Program. Do you need video production services in Minnesota? Give us a call!

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The National Marrow Donor Program helps patients afford transplants and find donors. The organization itself has been in business for about 20 years. And during that 20 years I think a lot of things worked on kind of a mom and pop shop so to speak and has kind of grown up over the years and so now the organization has become quite mature. And in doing that, there is a lot of things from an environment standpoint, around technology, around processes and how people were organized around the organization that really just needs to change in order to meet the mission of the organization. Really the goal of the organization itself is to facilitate transplants that’s what we do. Our goal is to facilitate those transplants, 10,000 by 2015 is really the goal for the organization. In order to do that you have to have stable systems and really optimize technology. Midwave has really helped us begin to stabilize the environment that was the first thing that they were able to do. Come in and really assess the situation. In doing that they really looked at all of the different things from technology and some process stuff that we were using and began to put together the right solution the first time. They’ve done that in a couple of areas. The first one being our data center. When we first came into the situation our data center needed to be enhanced. In fact, we found out that our data center was in such disarray we actually needed to move to a different facility. They ended up adding virtualization, to the environment which we’ve never had before. They added an enterprise backup solution so that we could really back up our existing storage and SAN environments and they’ve actually expanded our SAN environments as well. The reason we’ve been using Midwave from day one is really around their approach to it. They have a very comprehensive approach from beginning of planning the design and then really the implementation itself. The real benefit in using Midwave is I know they’re only a phone call away and that they have the right resources that are available and the knowledgeable resources. I almost think of Midwave as an extension of my staff that how I use them.

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