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New York City based Bluewater Group hired San Diego area video production company, Webstorytellers to produce this incredible video testimonial featuring the CEO of Genesis Networks. If you are looking for a corporate video production company in New York, New Jersey, or anywhere else in the Northeast, Webstorytellers has teams right there to service your needs!

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We’re a managed video services provider, we have 90 employees worldwide, we operate a video switching service in 71 cities around the globe, providing video transport for key broadcasters and news organizations, program distribution, and live news and sports collection and dissemination. We have to operate in a zero tolerance for failure environment because we’re providing live news and sports for the worlds’ most demanding broadcasters. You can’t provide coverage of Wimbledon, U-S open, or full time program distribution to circuits half way around the world without high quality and the reliability that broadcasters demand on and depend upon. You really need a Bluewater to deliver for us because we have to make these transitions to our customers real time without taking down service and we can’t afford to be down or take a long time to transition our customers, this has to be seamless and perfect and we need Bluewater’s support for that. They’re a can-do organization. They provide very good support. They’re very concerned about our product and their product. Today we operate in 71 cities around the globe. I expect in two or three years time to be in 120. Today we provide from a Wimbledon or a U.S. open maybe 20 paths, of which 16 might be high definition. I expect that to double over the next couple of years. So we need a lot of hardware integration, network support, and the ability to grow and only with a company like Bluewater that we can get there.

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