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XO Communications is a leading communications and networking solutions partner for businesses based in the Washington D-C area. San Diego based video production company Webstorytellers was hired to produce this video on XO's MPLS IP-VPN, a wide area network based service. If you need corporate video in the Washington DC area, we have teams right there!

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Xo’s mpls ip-vpn is a product offering that is among the latest cutting edge technologies offered by xo communications. Our IP MPLS network is one of the key assets of the company. Randy nicklaus is the chief technology officer at XO. It sits on top of our fiber optic networks both in our city and metropolitan, and these are the areas in which we’re spending a significant fraction of our annual capital budget year in year out. The MPLS IP VPN networking service is a wide area network based service that allows XO carrier customers to securely transmit IP data applications between multiple locations across their network. It’s an ideal platform for customers running voice, video, data applications, and other distributed content across many points that need to securely talk with each other. Just how important is it to have this technology today? Its’ very critical to have this technology today because all of the applications that our customers and their end users would like to have are IP based, whether it’s making a voice call or whether you’re running video. We all watch video over the internet these days, we all do company presentations and video has become very important. Xo’s mpls ip-vpn is fast becoming a popular choice for systems integrators, content providers as well as domestic and international carrier customers. What xo has done is come up with a service that enables an international carrier to interconnect to xo’s network and reach a variety of locations within the us so that those carriers can then serve their end users and provide the quality of service and the guarantees as if they were providing the service over their own network. There are many reasons why so many carrier customers find this technology so appealing….one is the fact that it is so secure. Mpls allows you to carve out a secure data stream between different locations across the xo network and so in that way, your date is securely transmitted, other customers on our network have no visibility into that data stream, people out on the public internet have no visibility into that data stream. This networking service is also customizeable. It’s very customizable and that is one of the key features here at xo because everyone’s business needs, especially in the carrier community are different. It is key to allow it to be as adaptable and flexible as possible so that they can take the technology and make it what they need to do with it so that they can better service their end users. One of the best parts about XO's MPLS IP VPN networking service is that it allows carrier clients to focus exclusively on what they do best, their business. And allow all those technology issues to be handled by the experts at XO. We’re trying to make things simpler for companies that aren’t telecommunications companies themselves so that they can focus on what they do for a living. This is what we live and breathe at XO.

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