Culinary Getaways - Napa Valley, CA


Napa Valley Winery Goosecross Cellars hired San Diego video production company, Webstorytellers to do a video on their culinary getaways. For people who love great food with great wine, this piece really teases the pallet! If you are in Napa Valley, Temecula, or any other wine region, we specialize in wine videos and have teams everywhere. Just give us a call!

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I'm Sherry Page, my company is Culinary Getaways and we provide culinary vacations to our clients both in Napa Valley and also in parts of France. A culinary getaway is all about experience. We want people to have a unique and personal experience when they come on a getaway with me. Here in Napa Valley, we take people to Farmer's Markets and we gather our ingredients there and then we do hands on cooking classes. We also do wine tastings that are very unique and very personal for our customers. We do a number of wine tours and tastings and of course, one of my favorite places to bring people is Goosecross cellars. To get to come to a small, family run, unique winery is really a fun thing for them but then when they taste the wines, they are so impressed with the taste of the wines that they end up taking them home. I love the fact that this is very much like a farm environment. you can come out and touch and taste and feel you can look at the soil and I think that's very important because when people come to Napa valley I think they want to get back to that relaxed lifestyle. and being out in the middle of grape vines, i mean, what can be better for that?

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