Wine Education - Napa Valley


Goosecross Cellars, a winery in Napa Valley, California, hired San Diego video production company Webstorytellers to do a wide variety of videos, ranging from an "about us" video, to winery tours, and everything in between. This is a piece on what they call Goosecross University. It's a place where wine enthusiasts can expand their knowledge on all things wine!

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There is a simple way to define what Goosecross university is all about. The Goosecross university program is meant to be a fun, educational, entertaining, series of classes that we offer here at the winery. Classes that cover every wine topic imaginable ….in a non-intimidating kind of way. It’s not difficult, it’s not pretentious, it’s very relaxed in a very comfortable setting and that’s what I think people want. For those who visit Goosecross---there’s no shortage of wine experts on hand to share their wealth of knowledge on everything from what to eat with certain wines---to the wine making process itself. Nancy Hawks Miller----one of the most respected wine experts in the world, is the director of education. We cover everything from how to order wine at a restaurant to how to plan a vineyard from scratch. Nancy’s really great about teaching people viticulture right out here in the vineyard and they can learn first hand one on one with the wine educator and then we end up doing an alfresco tasting outside where they can taste a number of different Goosecross wines. For those who can’t visit Goosecross and attend one of Nancy’s wine education classes or estate winery tours, or talk to the friendly and knowlegeable tasting room staff---Goosecross brings the Napa valley right to its visitor’s fingertips on the web. The winery even has it’s own “on demand” online radio station it calls Napa valley wine radio. We named it Napa valley wine radio versus calling it Goosecross wine radio simply because we didn’t want it to be Goosecross centric. We wanted to bring the beautiful lifestyle that happen to enjoy here to the napa valley to the rest of the world. In a nutshell—Goosecross university makes wine education easy …..whether you’re on site----or online. Whether I’m writing an article for the website, or hosting a class or recording a podcast, or helping out in the tasting room, I just want people to have fun with wine, i want to demystify it. A lot of people are kind of intimidated by the whole thing, we want to take that away because wine is for fun.

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