Stieb's Pomegranate Products-Madera, California


Stiebs Pomegranate is an industry leader in the product development and processing of pomegranate products based in Madera, Californa. Stiebs hired San Diego video production company Webstorytellers to produce this beautiful video that is packed with great video, soundbites, and images. If you are looking for a California video production company anywhere in the state, we have teams in San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and throughout the state!

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Stiebs Pomegranate is an industry leader in the product development and processing of pomegranate products. And it’s not by accident that they continue to change the face of the pomegranate industry It all begins in the fields working with growers to improve fruit quality & yields. Steibs has been instrumental in re-thinking the way California pomegranates are grown for juice, by working with growers on high-density plantings and on this harvester – the first of its kind in the US. The patented, one-of-kind Soft Touch Mechanical Pomegranate & Olive Harvester, harvests fruit from trees with little or no damage to the orchard. It also helps maintain worker safety and increase performance. In these cost-conscious times, the Soft Touch Mechanical Pomegranate and Olive Harvester is the most economical way to harvest pomegranate fruit right from the trees and it even saves the growers time and money in the process. Once the fruit reaches its destination, the quality control doesn’t stop there. The fruit is initially dumped to begin the crush process. It then takes the “elevator” to the sort belt for sorting. Meticulously, the fruit is hand sorted for quality and once the quality is established the fruit is fed into the crusher where free running, high quality, pomegranate juice finally flows from the fruit press. The filtration process utilizes 4 types of filtration; all state of the art. With this combination of filters, there is assurance that all Stiebs products are clean and pure. Their concentration equipment is the best available on the market today, and they are constantly maintaining all of their equipment to ensure performance at the highest levels possible. Exceeding expectations is what Stiebs does best. Whether it’s making Pomegranate juice, powder, pomegranate seed oil, extracts or their large variety of ariels, all products are developed with the customer in mind. All of the pomegranates that are used for the Ariels division are 100 percent natural California fruit. They are hand sorted for quality and color and are available fresh, individually quick frozen, frozen in bulk, freeze dried or infused. As pioneers in the pomegranate industry, Stiebs maintains its commitment to the industry through state of the art technology, quality and customer satisfaction. These qualities have established them as the premier pomegranate producer on the market now and for years to come.

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