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IntegraOne is a client of Webstorytellers that began as a small service provider in 1990. IntegraOne hired Webstorytellers to tell their impressive story with this company overview story. If you need a video production company in Pennsylvania in Allentown Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in the state, we have teams right there. Just give us a call!

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When IntegraOne first opened their doors in 1990, they began as a small service provider We started off as really a PC service company. Since then, Marty Andrefski, the vice president of sales and operations for IntegraOne began helping IntegraOne grow and evolve into a complete provider of services and technologies. We’ve evolved into a network infrastructure company that really supplies multiple pieces in a network from storage to wireless network to unified communications really bringing the network under one umbrella and offering as many services and technologies as we can under that one umbrella of technology. With 15 engineers on staff, Kyle Kenecht knows how important it is to stay on top of the ever changing world of IT. We’re constantly learning new technologies sending the guys for training with our vendors, HP and Cisco and ramping them up on the latest and greatest technology. It’s important to Integra for our clients so the guys are up to date, they understand the technology when they go out to install it and configure it and if they’re having any issues in the field, how to get that resolved in a timely fashion for the clients. Dave Luancing, Director of Operations , also thinks that keeping up on new technology is equally important for their engineers as it is their clients. We all have new laptops, we have VPN access, everybody has newer phones We’re able to know where everybody is and what they’re working on so if there’s any type of emergencies we can pull certain individuals and put them into the right spots. Although their clients always benefit from Integra’s promptness and expertise, they can also now benefit from Integra’s interest in helping them ‘go green’ If you’re a school district naturally they might be shut down from 4 o'clock in the afternoon to 6 o'clock the next morning and we can shut down those switches and then bring them up at 6 o'clock so everyone can log in and do what they need to do. It actually cuts down on cooling and as well as power requirements. With a growing sense for the latest technology and what’s hot, Integra also has an ever changing culture One good thing about the culture here is we have a real good team of engineers who are really focued on providing the right solution, really care about the solution that they’re trying to provide. We like to keep a culture that I think and feel is very entreprenuerial. We want everybody to understand that we want to keep moving forward, be creative in everything that we do, both internally for co-workers and team members but also to our clients. A lot of times a new technology will come out and they hear a lot about it and they sit in a lot of presentations but I can’t tell you how mnay times I’ve brought customers here to our office and they have left saying, now that is the first time I get it. And that is really nice to hear. Judy Messmer is an account manager for IntegraOne and is one of their many long term employees. She, like so many others knows that it’s the relationships that drives Integra’s success It’s not just a sale. It’s not just, here’s your product, thanks for the PO, cut the check and see ya, it’s not at all what Integra is about. We are about developing that relationship. Entering their 20th year of business and with nearly 50 employees, integraone continues to provide service to their customers in Allentown and throughout Pennsylvania that regional service helps them to provide the close relationships that they’re known for. We recognized a long time ago that people want to do business with people they like. I think to a lot of our clients the fact that we’ve been in certain geographic areas for a long time with our presence either with sales or service, is important. There’s a comfort level there. It’s that comfort level that also gives their clients the peace of mind that they are only going to get the best because that’s what’s important to IntegraOne We’re constantly taking the solutions even that we have today, and get better at them. Just making sure they go smoother, faster, more efficient. That’s what’s important to us. It’s important I bring value to whatever we do everyday. Because the minute we stop doing that the client really doesn’t need to work with us anymore. There’s a lot of choices out there of people to do business with but hopefully they’ll keep dealing with us for another 20 years.

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