Conexus Case Study-Regina, Canada


This is a video case study that San Diego based video production company, Webstorytellers produced for our client, Appsense. Appsense wanted this story told so bad they sent us to Regina, Canada! Nothing wrong with going a little international every now and then! It was worth the trip. If you have a case study or success story you'd like us to shoot in your city, just give us a call!

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My name is Chandra Nath-Misir, I’m the senior application administrator at conexus credit union. Conexus credit union is Saskatchewan’s largest credit union. We currently have over a thousand members and we have 48 branches across the province. Our environment consists of approximately 30-to-50 Citrix servers , we publish approximately 200 applications, all delivered through citrix, and our biggest problem prior to Appsense was log in times. It would range anywhere from 7 minutes to 15 minutes, which is horrible. With log in times that lengthy we have issues with our users becoming frustrated, shutting off their systems, re-starting their systems, causing our profiles to become corrupted, What we really liked about appsense environment manager was, just out of the box, once it was installed, we saw our log in times drop drastically. We were down to 7-15 seconds! From there we were able to use the other components of environment manager to clean up our profiles, to personalize our applications, just basically make everything work a little smoother in Citrix. Everyone pretty much has benefited from this product, right from the customer to the tellers to our i-t. Our management area has reduced the number of calls that we take, and our overall management has gone down. We were able to expand our areas of research to more products and more technology without having to worry about our day to day. We’ve reduced our need for GPO’s over our Citrix servers. They were fairly complicated and they didn’t always work the way they were supposed to. Once we implemented appsense we were able to remove all of our gpo’s and translate all that basically to our environment manager., which for me, i found to be a lot more manageable, a lot more immediate, i would see the effects, it was much more robust. Our new banking system required up to 1.5 gig of ram per session. Once we decided to give performance manager a chance to take a crack at it basically, we didn’t really notice that much of a different initially, right out of the box, but then discussing with some of their engineers, we found out that we could limit our memory usage, so we thought we’d try that. We locked it down to 200 meg and the application ran quite smoothly. It stopped it from exceeding the 200 meg limit and we didn’t have any performance issues. “that was amazing!” Performance manager and environment manager have drastically reduced our costs. We would have had to increase our server footprint in our data center, our software would have gone up, our ram capabilities would have had to have been increased, and just with even previous things like our log in scripts, they have reduced our help desk calls, so our environment is just much better off and we have saved a tremendous amount of money! We’ve currently decided to go with Microsoft application virtualization and I was notified by Appsense by my sales manager that Appsense would be able to help us. With our migration, and from what I’ve seen in our labs and in our testing, that we’ll be able to migrate this a lot easier than i thought. One nice feature is that we’ll be able to eliminate any kind of profile corruption, we’ll be able to maintain our personalization across any applications, on the fly, without affecting our users. We’ve had an excellent relationship with Appsense. I would recommend Appsense because they have a great product. Their team is very attentive. They support their product very well, and they care about you as a customer.

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