GooseCross Cellars - Wine Basics-Napa Valley California


GooseCross Cellars, a winery in Napa Valley California, hired San Diego based video production company, Webstorytellers to produce this Wine Basics class video. If you are looking for winery videos of all kinds, Webstorytellers can help!

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When you take the wine basics class at Goosecross Winery---the first thing you’ll probably notice is that this is no ordinary classroom. The setting was magnificent you have this breeze under a beautiful tree, overlooking these magnificent vineyards in Napa Valley, it doesn’t get any better than that. You’ll also discover, this is no ordinary class….and no ordinary teacher for that matter! Some of you i believe had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc before class, breakfast of champions as we say. Nancy hawks miller is the wine educator at Goosecross cellars. She’s been in the industry for more than a quarter of a century and is one of the most respected wine experts in the region. But don’t let her impressive credentials intimidate you…her down to earth teaching style can be summed up in three words. Fun, Entertaining, and educational. I sucked in air through my teeth and then i swished it around like mouthwash, and then I kind of chewed on it like food. And if you want to try that take just a little wine or you will choke! She was able to point out some of the subtle distinctions in the flavors and the aromas you never really think about but you know are there. You know, I can’t believe it but it made learning fun, plus you got to sip some mighty tasty wines, it was great. The wine basics class covers everything from proper tasting techniques and structure of wine, to industry jargon and serving hints. Classes are offered from June through October right here in this serene and intimate setting on the back lawn near the Goosecross vineyard. For those who are lucky enough to be a part of this group, it’s one of the most laid back ways to spend an hour and half or so in all of Napa valley. It’s very informal, it’s very casual and relaxed and it wouldn’t be our wine basics class if people weren’t asking lots of questions, in fact it’s mandatory! The wine basics class is the funnest thing i do all week….and hopefully visitors feel the same way.” For more information call 707-944-1986 Or log on to www.goosecross.com

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