Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky


The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) has provided transit services to Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties as well as downtown Cincinnati since 1973. They hired Webstorytellers to produce this "how to" video for them. If you need video production in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky area, we have teams right there for you, just call us and we'll hook you up!

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Ready to leave your gas guzzler behind and hop on the bus? You may be thinking - “it’s too hard to figure out!” Riding the bus is EASY! C’mon – let me show you how! The first thing you need to do is plan your trip. Everything is easier with a little preparation! To gather information about your trip, you can: Visit www dot tankbus dot org. Once there, you can either use the trip planner or click on the schedule you need right from the home page. OR Call 331-TANK and talk to a live operator who can help personalize your trip for you. Or you can also pick up a paper schedule at many locations throughout Northern Kentucky and downtown Cincinnati. Now that you have your schedule, let me show you how to read it. Each schedule has a map and scheduled times for that route. Find the closest stop on the schedule to your origin and destination. Most people find it easiest to work back from the time you need to arrive at your destination. Follow that trip back to the origin and you will find the time that you need to catch the bus. Always make sure to arrive at the bus stop several minutes early to ensure you don’t miss the bus. See? Nothing hard about that! Now you are ready to roll! So, you’re at the right bus stop. How will you know it’s the right bus? As the bus approaches, pay attention to the display on the front of the bus above the window. It will give you a route number and name. Just look for the name and route number on your bus schedule and make sure that they match the name and number on the bus. One of the great things about taking the bus is that you can save big. I buy a pass each month, but you can also use exact change. Now all you have to do is find a seat and enjoy the ride. When you’re approaching the stop where you want to get off the bus, just pull the overhead cord. This lets the driver know to stop at the next stop and let you off. Thanks for trying TANK! Enjoy saving money and gaining time for YOU! For more information check us out on-line – www.tankbus.org

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