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Spectrum Dental Lab in Southern California hired Webstorytellers to tell their story for their home page. They cover all areas of cosmetic and implant dentistry. This lab is clean, state of the art, and full of talented dental technicians who are helping the smiles of people all over California!

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Spectrum dental lab is a partnership of three lab owners that had their own laboratories. We were good at what we did it was hard for us to really do more than what we were good at. So by bringing the partnership together as Spectrum, we're able to cover all of the areas of cosmetic and implant dentistry and really do it to the best of all three of our abilities. The strength of this laboratory is that each of the partners realized that we could only accomplish so much on our own. So, by pooling our talents and our efforts in one laboratory, Spectrum Dental Lab, we found that we can actually do more, do it better, and do it more efficiently and for the dentists sake, more cost effectively. Our technicians are super dedicated to their jobs. (show video of technicians starting here to cover up the rest of this soundbite) all have a great attention to detail in their day to day work. I've been in this business for over 35 years. The past five years we've seen a great renaissance technology and enthusiasm in what that technology brings for the laboratory. We do have some amazing technology for a laboratory our size. We've been told, nobody has invested this much money in technology (like we have). It's an investment in our future, it's an investment in our dentists future, to be able to provide them techniques, technology and materials that other people can't use. My area of expertise is the implants. I've been involved with implants for 20-plus years. Implants can change lives. They can go into areas where they have lost all of their teeth. We can actually restore the look of bone, the look of tissue, we can put an implant in without touching natural teeth. It really has been probably the biggest development in dentistry to date." 7:08 What we're really excited about is that we've been able to move away from metal based restorations. In implants, titanium was the founding point, the starting point. The new material zirconia has allowed us to put them in places that still have strength, but also develop the beauty of the natural tooth's surface and material and look. We chose the location here at the Brookhollow complex right off the 55 freeway just a minute from the 405, a minute from the 5, it really makes it accessible. It really is a show place. We hold clinics here often, doctors come, and they're really impressed with it. And so every day we come to work we're excited with what we have here with our place to work, the surroundings are very beautiful, its an enjoyable, comfortable place to spend a good part of our lives, because we do spend 10-12 hours here when needed. We're just really excited on a daily basis to come to work, work with professional people, it's been a great run, we're excited about the future.

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