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GTRI is an IT solutions integrator that's located in denver, colorado, that specializes in unified communications, wireless, data center, enterprise systems management, and a few other IT consulting practices. GTRI hired Webstorytellers to provide this company overview video to help market the company online.

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My name is greg byles and i'm the CEO of GTRI. GTRI is an it solutions integrator that's located here in denver, colorado, that specializes in unified communications, wireless, data center, enterprise systems management, and a few other it consulting practices as well. We have a national presence with offices expanding throughout the united states to help deliver our solutions and technologies to the customers. GTRI offers solutions that cover the entire continuum of physical infrastructure, through integrated solutions, and network monitoring and management. GTRI's approach involves sitting with the customer to listen to what their unique business requirements are, and then developing technology initiatives to help map to those business requirements. GTRI has become a company that does more business consulting and has offered business case solutions to the customer. we're not a point sale organization any longer, we're now coming to the customer, they have a business problem, and we're offering a business solution through technology to get them from point A to point B. Internally, GTRI sees systems, best practices, and quality management, as a competitive advantage. so we have a strong adherence to itil best practices, and we're iso 9,001 certified. Relentless commitment came about becaue we were struggling with who we were and where we actual fit within the market place. after days and days of evaluating who gtri is, who our customers are, and what our employees really mean to us, what we really came to the conclusion of is that we were relentless committed to the employee, to the customer, as well as to GTRI. We really have a culture of people that all in all care quite a bit about the outcomes of their jobs and the success of the company. GTRI really has a culture of tenacity where the perseverance that everybody shows in trying to get to the best possible customer outcomes is evident in every department. I can think of a time when a customer had a failure of equipment. and an engineer, rather than shipping out a new part, got on a plane and delivered that part to the customer to ensure that the customer was down for a minimal amount of time. that's relentless commitment. GTRI has a very strong relationship with cisco. we're true business partners to where we can rely on each other to work together to deliver a solution that's in our customer's best interest. we work jointly with cisco on a day to day basis on how we're going to grow our business, on how we can improve our employees, and how we work together in the community. The teamwork that we have and the way we together has been extremely successful and will continue to be successful going forward. i think with our expertise, with cisco's expertise, we really come to the customer with valued solutions, increasing their profitability. We do go over and above, we make sure we have the best engineering resources, we do make sure that we have educated sales people, we do make sure that our systems are working with Cisco. We have spent a lot of time building out career development paths by department. and one of my favorite things is the push we've made across the employee base to participate in the community" with charitable events, or non-profits with volunteer time. every employee gets a volunteer day off per year and we set an annual target every year to hit a certain number of hours through our employee base in supporting the community. GTRI is always looking to evolve its service capabilities for its customers. we do that through listening to vendors and going to industry conferences, but more importantly, we listen strongly to our customers to determine what will be valuable for them in terms of offerings for the future.

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