Seattle-New MMO Video Game IT Focus


Webstorytellers client, MTM, hired us to shoot a video success story on one of their clients, En Masse Entertainment. En Masse is based in Seattle, Washington, and they are releasing a new MMO game called, TERA. The IT behind the game is nothing short of fantastic!

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My name is Markus Schweig, I'm the network operations director for En Masse Entertainment. En Masse Entertainment is a AAA MMO Publishing company that brings Asian MMO's to the western market. We're based in Seattle, Washington, and we bring a fun gaming experience to a large audience. We are working on an action MMO called Tera which has a global audience and we're really excited about being able to bring this to large audiences of gamers. Tera is an action MMO which allows gamers to really dodge attacks, and play against monsters, and really it's a combination of what traditionally we would have seen first in the console game market, combined with everything that's available in an MMO space which is the crafting, which is meeting other people, playing together, guilds, it's a lot of fun. En Masse Entertainment was looking for a company that was not only focusing on providing solutions for the gaming space, but also a company that was previously providing solutions for large scale deployments in other areas. And that's what we liked about Cisco Systems and MTM. We chose MTM because they understood how to satisfy our requirements as a AAA MMO, gaming company. Security is very important for MMO's, especially in light of recent compromises of other gaming companies that we've seen. It's very important for En Masse Entertainment to have a solution that allows us to hopefully not fall into the same groove. MTM and Cisco provided us with our infrastructure solution which included network switches, core routers, firewalls, and essentially anything we needed including the server systems to run Tera. Cisco's UCS server line allows to be managed within pods. Every Pod can contain a huge number of servers. So that reduces operational complexities and it's great for us. I love the abilities of the servers to be seamlessly communicating with the network. So, the same provider for the network and for systems reduces the operational complexities. The process has gone extremely well. En Masse Entertainment is more efficient because of the technology we have chosen. It goes back to the capability of managing a wide variety of equipment with very few pains of glass, very few pains of operations monitoring and operations administration tools. I would recommend MTM and Cisco because of their execution capabilities, and because of their ability to bring a full infrastructure solution to any company. Ending Slate: UCS + NetApp = FlexPod

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