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When you watch this video on General Data Tech, you will see how it will help GDT attract the best employees and the best clients! This really showcases who they are as a company!

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"This facility is very special in that we can showcase the technology from Cisco and other technologies that are out there in the space that we play in…" " It’s Cisco’s vision of connected real estate. We’ve really tried to take, and uniquely blend, both form and function within our building.” And not only have we added unique elements from the Cisco surveillance, to telepresence video, which is real time video, digital signage, wireless, our whole space is filled with Cisco technologies and that’s what we use not only for our own office and our own functionality, but to demonstrate to our customers.” “By having this facility, it allows us to showcase the technology available in the market because we use the technology.” " When our customers come and visit our facility, they are very surprised when they walk through the door and see such an amazing layout of both technology from just a modern architecture perspective, but then to implement the technology that we sell and use in their own facilities, they get to see that in ours. With things like hoteling with wireless access, so they can come in and use our facility as if it were there own office. Being able to use telepresence and do videoconferences from our office as well, as well as get ideas on how they can implement the same technology in their own environment.” “What we really wanted to do with our building was to create an environment where people wanted to stay, whether it was associates of the company or customers. They want to come, they want to spend time here, they want to learn more, and customers can come, look at our technologies, demo, but not only that, come to different presentations we have and spend time. They can even hold their corporate meetings here." “We encourage them to come use our facility as one of the benefits of doing business with General Data Tech.” “Here at GDT, I definitely have the opportunity to evangelize about our culture because it’s very unique.” Things that make us unique are the indoor basketball court, the theater, a state of the art workout facility, digital signage that keeps everybody up to date on what’s going on, what project we just finished, emerging technology. We have a state of the art staging center which is unparalleled to anything that you will ever find in this VAR industry.” "Anywhere that you walk around on a day to day basis here, it is just bustling. We have engineers flying in from all over the U.S. for meetings, we have tech nights, we have halloween parties, we celebrate veterans day, it is just a very unique, family oriented environment. You’ll see dogs here running around, and during the holidays, everybody really gets into it." “It’s a very employee driven organization. And I think that inspires a lot of out of the box thinking, I think that’s why GDT is where it’s at, I mean this building is a direct reflection of that.” “GDT is environmentally friendly. For instance, we have a couple of programs, we have a recycling program that we encourage all the employees to become a part of, and we have solar panels, which for us, means renewable energy for our building.” “When you can come to a space and see so much of the unique qualities just within the space, to me, that translates into unique design for networks it inspires our customers when they come to visit. " “They can see how we take care of our own associates. So if we take care of our own company, and our business, and our space, this well, they are rest assured that we are going to take great care of them as well.”

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