Dallas IT Company GDT "Green" Facility


General Datatech (GDT) is an award-winning, Cisco Gold Value Added Reseller providing core routing and switching, unified communications, security, wireless, datacenter and storage solutions to clients nationwide. They hired Webstorytellers to produce this video for them. This is one Dallas company turning heads and telling their story to the world!

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“The first time I looked at our building, it seemed, well, one, it was eclectic. It was a little historical, it had a history as an old milk factory, and it had later on uses as a video production house, they filmed a movie here, it had a real interesting story to it. So the first time I looked at it I just kind of a little quirky building, but then after I slept on it for 9 months, I revisited it and I said, wait a minute, what a great platform to articulate the advanced technologies of Cisco, because the building is a little compartmentalized, there’s different areas. So we turned one into a lab, we turned one into a service writer lab, we turned one area into a staging center area that has over 100 Cisco certified technicians that they call home, where they help configure, test, and turn up some of the world’s largest data communications projects. And then we have a video conferencing room that articulates all the product line that Cisco has in not only U-C, but also the video conferencing strategy.” So, the building itself becomes a platform for data communications change, and a platform that allows us to go to market and really capture some of the energies that customers and our end users, that let us bring real value to the market place to demonstrate the technologies. And I think that’s why i connected with the building.” "The design really began with site selection. We wanted to select a site that needed to be re-developed, that needed some help. So, we selected a site that had some contaminants and some environmental issues, which we took care of in an environmentally responsible manner, and we were able to revitalize this site and reclaim this land that would have normally gone undeveloped and sat vacant for years." "We wanted to achieve Gold certification in the "Leed" standard. What that means is we had to seriously reduce the amount of energy that this building was going to consume, as well as reduce the water usage, and increase the occupancy comfort levels to a opine that the "Leed" certification board would give us the points necessary to achieve Leed Gold certification." "For instance, we use high efficiency lighting fixtures, as well as low flow water fixtures, to conserve water and conserve energy. We also added 100,000 VA, or 100,000 watts of solar panels on top of the roof of the warehouse. At the time that the solar panels were installed, it was the largest solar array in all of North Texas." "Another point that we did to conserve water, is we put in an underground water storage tank that stores 30,000 gallons of water that we can use for irrigation and reduce our demand on the city water supply." "Beyond an efficient design, we also used building automation systems to further reduce our demand on the energy grid. We've incorporated motion sensors as well as timers to shut lights off that aren't being used, and shut down ports on switches that aren't being used, so that that extra energy is just not wasted." "We also monitor our water usage as well as our electrical usage so that we can see how different activities that we do within the building affect how much water and energy we use---thus changing our behavior and further increasing the efficiency of our building." 'It was an amazing thing to be a part of. I was involved very early on and was able to see the transformation of this facility, and then also to see the transformation of the culture within the organization "Working for a company like GDT is really an amazing experience. The level of service that we deliver to our customers, as well as the other things that we do from a culture perspective and an environmental perspective, you know, having all of that incorporated into your job on a day to day basis, makes it a really amazing place to work." “When I look back on the last two years of going through the aches and pains of building a building, I smile because I look around the building and I see people walking around, carrying the Cisco flag, forming a community with Cisco, there’s a lot of what I call fellowship going on here, and banter around Cisco’s newest products, and this has been a launch pad for us to deliver those products and that makes me very happy.”

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