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Our IT client INX hired Webstorytellers to produce this video on what they call "Smart Plus." This is a green screen video that was produced from our studio and uses a ton of graphics to help tell their story. Sometimes we don't have to leave our office to produce nice videos like this!

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If you’re like most Enterprise IT organizations, you know that you "must" meet the increasing demands in maintaining and supporting your systems---- while at the same time---managing operating costs. That can traditionally present a whole host of challenges for any IT organization.For those struggling to lower the cost of hardware and software support----there are typically four main areas that can present enormous challenges. First, while most IT organizations require manufacturer maintenance on critical equipment, often that support is limited because the vendor has a limited knowledge of “your” IT environment. As a result--- the vendor typically has only an entry level understanding of the issues at hand----and simply cannot provide the support or the larger solution vision that is needed. Second, organizations are finding that rarely, if ever, are networks and datacenters architected with solutions from a single vendor. The fact is, multiple vendors often don't know how to connect the dots and often find themselves pointing the finger of blame and responsibility at other each other---instead of solving the problems at hand. The end result? Delays and time and money wasted on solving critical problems or network downtime! Third, the sheer volume of requests that come into a vendor’s Technical Assistance Center require that vendors staff large numbers of technicians, all with various levels of experience, who are taking customer-escalated cases. The likelihood of getting someone you know or have worked with before is very slim, making technical support an inconsistent, tedious, and inefficient process. Finally, the cost of ongoing support continues to climb as IT organizations have to support legacy systems and provide innovation with new solutions. IT organizations are paying operational and maintenance support that likely overlap in responsibility and scope. In order to address these four main issues, INX has developed a support offering in conjunction with our manufacturing partner, Cisco . We call it SMART Plus. The purpose of SMART Plus is to provide you the foundational maintenance through SMARTnet, the Cisco manufacturing contract, plus a client-focused support infrastructure and process with a single interface from INX. You will have access to all of the Cisco Smartnet support in hardware replacement, software patches and web documentation, PLUS an INX-led case management network at the same or similar cost as what you paid for only vendor support. Instead of calling into a large pool of technical resources, you can call into the INX SMART Plus service desk and be routed to the individuals that you know and trust, that have knowledge of YOUR environment. INX uses an ITIL framework with a proven process to handle rapid problem identification and issue resolution. How are we able to do this at the same or similar cost to what you pay today? Since Cisco understands that INX has the ability to offer an improved service experience, Cisco has incented us to create a certified collaborative offering. The result is a solution that will provide hardware and infrastructure support through a streamlined support desk that will result in faster issue resolution and higher service levels at a lower overall support cost. Cisco SMARTnet plus INX Support. SMARTplus. (SMART+)

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