Oklahoma - Chickasaw Nation Overview


Presidio hired Webstorytellers to produce this video success story about the Chickasaw Nation. They have a new hospital which needed state of the art IT equipment. Mission accomplished!

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I've been with the Chickisaw nation for almost 6 years now and when I first came onboard, they had a variety of vendors that were in my personal opinion, varied in strengths. 7:28 and when we had an opportunity to identify a preferred vendor for our Cisco product line, as well as professional services for that cisco product line, we did sort of a bake off and identified presidio as the vendor that could provide the bulk of those services with the variables that we had on the plate. At the Chickisaw nation, we have a new hospital, it's a 72 bed facility it employs about 600 staff and we as current is always packed.We engaged our vendor presidio, to assist us with the 20 year layout and design for our information technology from a network perspective. That includes not only the physical network perspective and the routing and those types of items but also the wireless environment as well. 5:40  6:16 At the new hospital we put the Cisco products in throughout, from our network perspective. they're based around a set of Cisco 6513's, in addition to that we have Cisco lightweight controllers and access points throughout the facility. I believe there's 70 or 80 access points out there. in addition, we use the Cisco voice over IP environment for our phones as well as well as for our nurse call.  We also have cisco's NAC. 6:56 implemented out there from a compliance perspective.   Cisco is a huge provider for us. They give us the up to date tool set that we need to assure that the Chickisaw  nation keeps on task and on target. in addition, the old adage is you never got fired by buying Cisco equipment still holds true today. We never know from one day to the next whether this facility is going to have 20 people in it or 200 people in it because of the dynamic nature of the organization. Beyond that, I don't want to tie the nation into a product that's limited in any way, shape or form. we want to spend our money wisely and the only way to accomplish that is to ensure that the platforms that we put in place provides us that scalability so that we know that we can add on without any undue cost. I like a vendor who will teach us to fish sometimes instead of just coming in and bringing lunch. because that makes me more self sufficient as a team but at the same time it gives me confidence in a vendor that they're here to actually help us and not just to make money.   There are a lot of vendors out there that can provide the product at a certain price point, the value adds to me are the professional services that they bring to the table. And the personal relationship that they've built with us to ensure that our needs are in fact, being met. So even if I didn't buy my product from those guys, I would continue to get my professional services from them just because that service line they provide is excellent to us.

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