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Nexus has been about providing technology solutions to its customers to better enable them to be more efficient and productive. Nexus hired Webstorytellers to talk about the company culture, the passion they have for what they do, and much more. VERY effective!

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From day one, Nexus has been about providing technology solutions to our customers to better enable them to be more efficient and productive. We have been very fortunate to have found very, very talented people, they bring an expertise, they bring knowledge, they bring history in the industry. But they bring an extreme passion for what they do every single day. Not just for the company, and to provide for their families, but they really bring a passion for providing excellent service to their customers. "The value of our people and the trust that they gain with their customers, creates great repeatable business for us. Our customers often call and ask for specific people that have been on jobs before. The experience that they gain with that customer translates into great success in their future jobs. When we meet with a customer on a technology solution, it requires a lot of in-depth analysis of their existing environment and where they want to go into the future with their technology. Our teams of consultants and engineers meet with their design teams and build a complete comprehensive solution based on the current and future goals of our customers. "The culture of Nexus is really hiring the best people that can do a good job for the clients, but also have fun along the way. And we pride ourselves on building successful teams here at Nexus.  What I love about Nexus, first and foremost is our people.Our people give us the ability to do what I next love, which is interact with our customers. 
 Without a doubt, we have the best engineers, the best sales force, the best people in the business, but it's not just about that, it's about how those people are able to interact with each other, and how they are able to interact with our clients. During the engagement process our deployment teams and support teams become an integral part of our clients' IT support mechanisms during the deployment. While they are working with them, the communications and documentation, and dialogue, are paramount to the success of the project and the long term support of the technology with our customers. At Nexus we use all of the technologies that ultimately are the solutions for our customers. The greatest advantage of that is we understand the usage scenarios, how it's going to benefit that customer to help them solve their problems and their needs. It helps our installers understand how to install it best, maybe how to de-bug it best, it helps our service personnel know how to get through issues that may come up once things are installed, and so with that, it gives us great experience in using the systems and translating that to the customers' needs. We're in a very unique position in the market place, we are national in scope, our sweet spot customer has national locations, many of them have international locations, and we're able to help them in many ways, shapes, and forms. You know the breadth of our business today and where we are over 400 employees, we're north of 250-million dollars in revenues this year, on a path in four years to 1/2 billion dollars in revenues That kind of size brings stability. Our customers want to know that they can entrust their technology needs and where they are trying to go strategically with their business, in a company that's going to bring expertise, that's important right, and the passion that we talked about is important. But that that company is going to be around tomorrow. One of the things we're most proud of here at Nexus is that we've been able to be profitable every year. Through three different recessions, through a lot of turmoil in the economy, we've been able to stay profitable and hence, invest in our associates, and provide stability both for them, their families, and to our clients.

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