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PC Mall is a 1.5 billion dollar PC integrator and reseller of computer technology, headquartered in El Segundo, Southern California. They hired Webstorytellers, a San Diego video production company, to tell their story about what they bring to the IT space around the country.

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My name is Phil Mogavero, i'm Vice President of Advanced Technology Solutions for PC Mall. PC Mall is a 1.5 billion dollar PC integrator and reseller of computer technology, headquartered in El Segundo, Southern California. We're Nasdaq listed under the ticker "Mall" and we have nearly 3,000 employees. PC Mall has undergone and tremendous evolution in the last several years. It's gone from an organization quite a few years ago that was consumer focused to one that's almost exclusively focused on businesses and government customers. So today, PC Mall looks very different than it did 5 years ago. Enterprise technology solutions are a critical part of our business at PC Mall. When we decided which enterprise technologies we were going to go to market with, we brought sales together, we brought marketing, we brought services together, and we decided that these solutions had to have some key attributes. And one of them is that they had to be important to our key partners. They had to drive services revenue, and they had to create a competitive advantage for PC Mall in driving our gross margin and our revenue up. So we selected five. We selected borderless networks, we selected collaboration, we selected secure mobility, data center and cloud. And we found that these solutions resonate not only with our customers and our partners, but they also resonate internally as well. We believe in Cisco technology enough to implement it extensively throughout our organization, both in our corporate facility, our branch offices, and also in our main managed services organization in Atlanta. In Atlanta we have all the latest and greatest bio metrics, we have N-PLUS ONE power, we have tremendous monitoring systems… We have excellent environmental systems, we have a SAS 70 certified data center, so what we can do for our customers is, we can actually provide a cloud infrastructure to them at their own facility with our professional services expertise, or we can host it for them and manage it for them at our facility. The PC Mall sales organization actually matches very well with the Cisco sales organization. We have our SMB group which focuses on the same accounts as the Cisco commercial territory does, we have our SARCOM mid market and enterprise business that matches very well with Cisco Select and Enterprise, and we have our GOV business that focuses on FED and SLED business. We've also focused extensively on the health care market, and have a business there called Health Dynamics, which has expertise around the health care industry. We have a strong focus around retail in our mid-market and our enterprise business providing complete solutions there to support retail store applications, not just the technology, but also the implementation and the support of this technology. We're very proud of the number of certifications we've achieved with Cisco. We're a Cisco Gold partner, a national direct partner for Cisco, we also have a managed services certification. In addition, we have quite a few advanced certifications around Unified Communications, wireless, security, data center networking infrastructure, and data center storage networking, as well as quite a few ATP certifications. In fact, in 2011 we were named National Cisco borderless networks partner of the year. We're very excited about our relationship with Cisco and being able to go to market together. We feel like the alignment that we have is excellent, our sales organization, the verticals differentiate us, and our lifecycle service solutions are second to none. So we think that we have a tremendous differentiation out there in the industry and be able to support our customers, recommend the right Cisco technology, configure it, deploy it, support it, and manage it for our customers so that they can more effectively use it than they can with other competitors and other products.

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