ZUNO Bank Slovakia


This trip to Slovakia was amazing. Webstorytellers used our European videographer and our American producer (Our company president made the trip!) to produce this video success story for 2Ring and Soitron. What a trip!

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"My name is Milos Matula, I work as a CIO and COO of Zuno Bank, I'm a member of the Board of Management. Zuno Bank is a new direct bank in the CE region, and we belong to Raiffeisen Banking International Group. Raiffeisen Bank International is very strong in the standard brick and mortar banking business. We serve 14 million clients in 17 CE countries, and we have over 3,000 branches. But what we have missed is the direct banking. Basically, Zuno Bank is targeting a different group of customers. Unlike brick and mortar banks, we target the young customers who basically live on the internet." ZUNO BANK CHOSE 2RING AND SOITRON TO BUILD A RELIABLE CISCO CONTACT CENTER ENABLING 24X7 ACCESS TO BANKING SERVICES VIA TELEPHONE, CHAT, EMAIL, AND MORE. "We decided (to work with) for 2Ring and Soitron because they had good references inside of Raiffeisen group. 2Ring deployed mainly two applications. One was Agent Desktop, which is used by call center agents regularly. And also we had a very good reporting tool which was tailor made for us based on our requirements. And this reporting tool was also fine tuned during the operation with 2Ring." "2Ring is very flexible, and they also delivered to us all of the small pieces of work that we expected from them, it was not only like a paper based contract, it was really a relationship between Zuno and 2Ring." "Working with 2Ring was great because they delivered to us a consultancy type of work and information, and they are very experienced with the technology in this region." "We worked with 2Ring on the Zuno Bank project in a very cooperative manner. We are used to working with them." "I can say that 2Ring's software (SHOW DROP DOWN GRAPHIC HERE AS HE'S SAYING THIS LINE THAT READS AS FOLLOWS: "ZUNO BANK IMPLEMENTED 2RING AGENT DESKTOP SOFTWARE") made it easy for us to integrate new Cisco Contact Center with chat interaction manager and Zuno Bank's information system." "For the Zuno Bank project we concentrated on three crucial areas. First we had to go as deep as possible into Zuno Bank's business processes in order to analyze and understand them, and therefore be able to deliver a tailor made solution." Then, very important, was the selection of the appropriate technology platform. And the Cisco Contact Center Enterprise is a very flexible and scalable platform, as we added 2Ring's software on top of that. It enhanced the whole solution." "Last but not least, it was in need of professional project management. The project was very demanding…there were many changes and requests, and there was the need of close cooperation of all of the people involved in this project." THE NEWLY IMPLEMENTED CISCO CONTACT CENTER IS FULLY INTEGRATED WITH THE BANK’S INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND IT ALSO PROVIDES FOR EASY DAY-TO-DAY MANAGEMENT. "Here in our contact center we use phones, email, and chat, all to help our clients." "2Ring is making my life better in a lot of ways." "For example, 2Ring Agent Desktop automates our work." "I am able to see what happened the night before because of the custom report made by 2-ring." "And it helps us achieve our goals." "2Ring broadened our perspective on what Cisco projects can do, with a little help from certified programmers. Being a member of the Cisco partnership program gains our customers a lot of advantages. Even more, our Cisco Gold certification is a guarantee for our customers that they are getting the professional services, the highest standards, and quality." "It's very convenient for us to know that we can reach out to a proven partner, especially in cases when standard out of the box solutions do not fit exactly the customers needs and requirements. And I can say that 2Ring, they really fulfill their own company claim, flexible solutions for unified communications." A recent survey showed that 88% of ZUNO’s existing clients would recommend ZUNO to their friends and family.

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