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The Converse distribution centers in Los Angeles(Ontario), California are a direct reflection of the legendary brand itself. Evolving  over the years but never losing sight of its rich history. This video shows the power that Converse has when it comes to distributing shoes and Hurley apparel.

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The Converse distribution centers in Los Angeles(Ontario), California are a direct reflection of the legendary brand itself. Evolving over the years but never losing sight of its rich history. Though there are two locations that encompass roughly a million square feet between the two facilities, the distribution center operates under one unique system. THE PEOPLE who work at each location take pride in being a part of this great American success story. "The folks that work here for the Converse distribution center really put pride, time, commitment, ownership, they're accountable for what they do, they care about efficient it is and what condition the product goes out in." These state of the art facilities are located just a couple of miles apart--- near some of the busiest highways in all of southern California. The surrounding free flowing traffic ----looks strikingly similar to the ebb and flow of the people, processes, systems, and products that seamlessly travel throughout these distribution centers on a daily basis, automated and synchronized, to deliver the goods; accurately and on time. "Definitely that's how we see our automation system. "We get our finished goods in the door, we get it put into our reserve racks, we get it to our active pick positions, we're required to have a performance rate, a standard rate, which pretty much averages about 425 units an hour in our footwear business, and we need to be efficient with that as well, and process it through the value added services and get it to the shipping docks so that we can deliver it in full on time." The Converse distribution centers have the ability to handle both Converse and Hurley brands in a multi-channel distribution, wholesale, retail, and e-commerce processing environment. It is the first of its kind in the Nike, Inc. distribution system. And to meet the challenges of 10% year after year growth in footwear. How is it done? With a well thought out design and carefully crafted flow of goods---the unique materials handling system is scalable, functional, flexible and quick. As a result they have improved the speed to customers by taking two days out of the retail order processing timeline, and lowered the CPU of apparel by 20%. it's all built on the "Lean Thinking." Platform instituted into both footwear and apparel receiving process.. "Running under the lean foundation, we're able to process as many and as little as needed in any single day and everyone has a function, everyone knows their role, everyone understands their accountabilities, and we make it happen seamlessly." "Commodity is really irrelevant. We are processing apparel, we are processing promo samples, footwear, we are processing accessories. All of those things all operating and under a co-branded facility, so that marks us as being premier, world class." "We can get the product out the door, we can ensure that the consumers have that product, and that it is in compliance with what they've requested." The Converse distribution center’s warehouse "management" and warehouse "control systems" manage the complexity of the daily order requirements, because of the incredible coordination of the people, processes and systems that are all working in harmony here. Operating a two shift, 5 day schedule, they can receive up to 20,000 cases per day, store up to 9 million units of footwear(change from shoes),can handle 48 hour order replenishment and perform dynamic routing. In footwear, in the 12 automated value add and 5 case sealing stations they are printing RFID tickets required by client contract services. in the 60,000 square foot dual level pick module, they are directing and validating the products to upwards of 8,000 cartons. At the very same time in the logic controller - operated 18 lane sorting area, they can accommodate upwards of 500 combinations of sort requirements. Alternately, Apparel is received through 12 dedicated doors, has reserve storage capacity for 4million units of apparel, can be replenished at 100 cases per hour, and utilizes 20 value add stations. With 136 available shipping doors, the distribution operations have an efficient, well oiled machine, taking shoe(footwear) and apparel distribution to another level. From Converse footwear to Hurley apparel---and from shipping---to receiving----everything that's done here is a coordinated effort. it's the new standard for how world class fulfillment operations like this one are expected to operate today----and into the future.

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