Mississippi Hospital IT Video Success Story


Webstorytellers was hired to tell this video success story in Mississippi by Presidio, a Giant in the IT world. They implemented the Unified Communications System and improved the hospital experience for doctors, staff, and patients.

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Magnolia Regional Health Center is a 200 bed hospital in Corinth, MS, We have a service of 16-18,000 people in the city, and there's roughly 40,000 people in Alcorn, County. There's roughly 100 doctors that practice in our community serving our 200 bed hospital. There's almost 1400 employees here, we are the largest employer in Alcorn, County. Prior to working with Presidio, we had a number of technical challenges, one of them being our telephone system. It was antiquated, it would not grow with us. Their technology really was pretty old. They had a very base phone system, providing what we call dial tone in the industry, and as that system got older, they didn't have the parts to replace that equipment any longer, and they were ready for that next step. They were also looking for a solution that would provide a platform that they could move forward with, more of a crawl, walk, run, strategy that would allow them to first, address the needs of telephony, then look for an opportunity that they could start integration with their nurse call system, and then look for the opportunity also to integrate physiological alerts and alarms that could go directly to the nurse wherever they are inside the hospital. Presidio provided us with the unified communications system, and we chose Unity, their voice-mail system, to be part of it. And it allowed us to provide the voice-mail into a person's email, that's just an amazing thing to have, that you have one place to go to get your messages. By having the phone system we can show to our patients that we give them more face time. Previous to that, if the nurse should make the phone call to a doctor, they had to kind of wait at the nursing station. So the call light is continuing to go on, the nurse can't leave the station, she's waiting on a doctor to call. With the mobile phones, they can do that. Having Presidio to help us implement the Cisco phone system, those guys that they brought on site were all engineers, I forget how many, but at one point I think we had 7 Cisco qualified engineers on site. The previous company, I used, they had one. One of the things I can say, they do go above and beyond. We had a gentleman from Presidio that at night, during go live, we knew initially that he was going to be doing a lot of wiring in our closet, running the telephone cables to the new VG rack. When he started, he told me it would be a few hours, we knew it would be a long project. He worked through the entire night, he was not going to leave. And we had a bird's nest. It was just a terrible mess of wires, and this young man, by staying with it all night long, (as a result) it's a clean, very nice way that he punched everything down, the wires are run very tight, very uniform, he did a great job. I would highly recommend Presidio to any rural hospital because for one thing, they are reasonable when it comes to the price. They have a strong team of people that they bring on site to help you learn about the Cisco call system… They have no problems coming to the rural communities, many of the guys we met from Presidio were from small towns, and they had worked in small hospitals, so they were familiar with the challenges that we face. Sometimes we don't have all of the resources in our community that we need, sometimes we don't have the financial resources, or the human resources that we need, and those guys understood that. The work we do at rural hospitals like Magnolia is very satisfying. One of the things that makes Presidio different is our engineering staff. We have a very large highly certified engineering staff and they really care about what they do. I think Magnolia is in a much better spot today, mostly because they have a phone system they can now rely on. They were really experiencing a lot of difficulties in downtime with a legacy phone system. As you can imagine, in a health care setting, if the phone's not working, and a nurse needs to speak with a physician, that can be life threatening. So now they have a phone system they can depend on and they have an opportunity to move forward, as we mentioned before, the opportunity to integrate with their nurse call solution, which will be the next step, and then ultimately look to push those physiological solutions alerts and alarms out to the nurses on the floor.

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