New York Bank Technology Video Success


Webstorytellers was hired to showcase this video success story on how a bank in New York uses telepresence and other technologies to improve its operations and customer experience.

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North Country Savings Bank has been in existence for over 100 years. And right from the very beginning one of the core values was being in touch with the customer. It used to be, they had to walk in the doors, today, that's not true. Today, technology, and the use of products that are provided by Cisco and Core BTS help us stay in touch with our customers. NORTH COUNTRY SAVINGS BANK TURNED TO CORE BTS BECAUSE IT IS A CISCO GOLD PARTNER THAT HAS ACHIEVED CISCO MASTER UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIZATION AND MASTER MANAGED SERVICES CERTIFICATION We turned to Core BTS as a partner to help us implement some of the technologies that we needed to stay current with our customers. Core BTS physically came to our offices and worked with us to look at what our needs might be and how they might be able to assist us in providing the service that we wanted to provide. They then connected us with Cisco, took us to NY to be able to see a demonstration of the project, so I had four officers including one of my trustees that went, and the whole presentation was so important to be able to convince staff, convince the trustees, that this was a good thing to do, but we came back energized with "how can we put this together" how can we cause this to work for us, it was terrific." CORE BTS IMPLEMENTED A VARIETY OF WIRELESS, VOICE, AND VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES ACROSS NORTH COUNTRY SAVINGS BANK'S ENVIRONMENT, INCLUDING CISCO TELEPRESENCE MOBILE AND ROOM DEVICES. The importance of having this Cisco Telepresence system in each of our Eagle Net Cafe's is so that we don't lose the opportunity to serve our customer when they walk in the door. They can be served from a remote location when we have an available customer service representative or loan originator that is available in another office, should the service representatives in the office be busy when the customer walks in. Telepresence is working out beyond our original expectations. The savings came up in ways that we hadn't anticipated. It is so much better than just listening to a voice over a telephone. You can actually see the person sitting at the end of the table and it is like they are in the room! And it makes a huge difference. When you have world class technology provided by Cisco and a partnership with Core BTS, it provides the foundation for the technology that we're going to need to carry us into the future.

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